Vacation Like Harry and Meghan at This British-Caribbean Resort


Sophie Miura

It's no secret that the British royal family has a penchant for the Caribbean sun—Princess Diana loved to escape the public spotlight in the West Indes, and Prince Harry has been spotted playing polo in Barbados and partying in Jamaica. So what is it about this region that has generations of royals flocking to its azure shores?

Upon arrival at Cobblers Cove, a boutique Relais & Châteaux property in northwest Barbados, the answer is abundantly clear. The island, and indeed this hotel, exude a unique British-Caribbean charm that can't be found in popular U.S. vacation spots like the Bahamas. Men in white linen shirts perch atop wicker stools swirling rum punch, afternoon tea is served in the "drawing room" at 4 p.m. each day, and British accents drift through the open-air restaurant, a combination of chatting guests and Dido's dulcet tones.

Although the Brits are wise to Barbados's charm, American travelers are yet to fully embrace the island en masse. The hotel's general manager, Will Oakley, estimates that 70% of guests are British, the majority of which are return visitors. Give the island is a five-hour flight from New York and three hours from Miami, it's surely a missed opportunity. Forget the Bahamas—here's how to vacation like royalty in Barbados.