6 Things to Do in Croatia That Live Up to the Hype

It seems that Croatia was on everyone's Instagram feed this summer. The Eastern European country has been on people's radars for a few years now, and it's not hard to understand why: The crystal-clear waters, rich history, and hundreds of islands sprinkled along the coast of the Adriatic Sea make this a surefire hit for avid travelers. Among those who recently flocked to the popular European destination are photographer and filmmaker Amy Seder of Away Lands and Alessandra Ford Balazs, daughter of famed hotelier André Balazs and Ford Models CEO Katie Ford.

We caught up with the two well-traveled women to get their best tips firsthand, and they didn't disappoint. From lavish Dubrovnik hotels to little-known wine regions and unspoiled islands, they had tips for every type of traveler and every budget. Only have six days to spend in Croatia? We crafted the perfect itinerary based on our two travel pros' best tips.

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