Found: Where It Girls Actually Go on Vacation in England

Bustling London is a fantastic city to visit—the food is going through a culinary renaissance, the list of museums and galleries is endless, and if you can stomach the British pound conversion, it also offers some seriously great shopping. But if you're anything like us, we feel drawn to another area of England when the weather cools down: the countryside. Maybe it's because we've watched The Holiday one time too many or because places like the iconic Soho Farmhouse consistently pop up in our Instagram feeds, but one thing's for sure: A cozy pub, countryside strolls, and a roaring fire sound nothing short of idyllic.

Here's the thing: Great Britain is not a small place, and driving out of Heathrow airport hoping to stumble upon the quaintest British town just won't do. So to help us map out the perfect English countryside escape, we tapped a few jet-setting It girls, from British TV host Louise Roe, NY-based PR maven Dria Murphy, who just returned from a trip to the region, and blogger Stacie Flinner, who has spent the last year traveling the world with her husband. Don't book your ticket across the pond without reading this—here are a few things to do in England that you won't want to miss.

And now, this is where cool British girls vacation in Europe (and why you should too).