20 Things to Do Before You Turn 30 to Live Your Best Life

I tend to think of myself as an “it’s never too late” kind of person. It’s never too late to move to a new city. It’s never too late to change your career. It’s never too late to learn Spanish. Some might call it delusion, but I call it optimism. That said, there are plenty of experiences you should have when you’re young if the opportunity presents itself.

Life tends to get more complicated when you’re older. People often settle down, and it becomes more difficult to make plans. You become more committed to your job and have less free time. And your body physically ages—not to mention your memory begins to decline before age 30—so there’s that.

I realize there may be 60-year-olds out there laughing at this, but please, 20-somethings, take a bit of my 30-plus wisdom and enjoy every ounce of fun and challenge this decade has to offer you. It’s never too late for any of us, but for you? Now’s the time. Here are 20 things to do before you turn 30.