20 Things to Do Before You Turn 30 to Live Your Best Life


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If you tend to think of yourself as an “it’s never too late” kind of person, this is the list of inspiration for you. It’s never too late to move to a new city. It’s never too late to change your career. It’s never too late to learn Spanish. Some might call it delusion, but you call it optimism.

That said, there are plenty of experiences you should have when you’re young...if the opportunity presents itself. And if it doesn't, create the opportunity for yourself.

Life tends to get more complicated when you’re older. People often settle down and it becomes more difficult to make plans. You become more committed to your job and have less free time. To make sure you experience the decade to its fullest, there are definitely some things to do in your 20s you don't want to miss out on.

Read on for 20 essential things to do before you turn 30.

Things to Do Before You Turn 30
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Do Something That Scares You

Cliff Jumping
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No matter how old you are, you should do something that scares you every day. Whether that means making a phone call or getting an adrenaline rush, conquering your fears is always a good thing. But as we age physically and we have more to protect, the fear mounts. If the thing that scares you at 25 is skydiving, do it now because you can...and because it will make you stronger.

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Travel Alone

Traveling Alone

Traveling alone can be daunting at first, but it’s one of the most liberating experiences you can have and should definitely be on your list of things to do before you turn 30. You can do what you want, when you want, on your own terms. You’ll challenge yourself in ways that would never be possible with a travel partner and you’ll meet so many inspiring people who will give you more confidence in yourself than ever before. With fewer attachments and responsibilities, your 20s are a time to travel alone; it only gets harder to find the occasion.

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Take a Girls Getaway

Beach Vacation
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Not all friendships last forever. Many of them need to be nurtured, and often life and all of our responsibilities and geographic hurdles get in the way of even our most thriving relationships. Make a dedicated effort in your 20s to foster your friendships from the past, be it with high school or college pals. Plan a weekend getaway—meet each other halfway, wherever you live. It might not happen again for another three or five years, but maybe a couple of days on the sand will be just the thing that gets you gabbing again.

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Move to a New City

Moving to a New City
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When you move to a new city, everything is new: your address, your friends, your colleagues, your habits and activities, your favorite restaurants, your commute, your outlook on life, the weather. It's actually so much easier than it seems and it's a wonder that people don't do it more often. But it does get harder to meet people as you age, as people get more serious about their commitments, so your 20s are the time to do it. Remember: You can always move back. Many do.

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Learn to Play an Instrument

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At this point, you’ve probably tried to play an instrument at some point in your life, and if that wasn’t "the one," maybe there’s another one out there for you. Playing music taps into underused regions of your brain and lifts your spirits. Plus, you’ll be the life of every party when you surprise people with your harmonica skills.

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Get Outdoors

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Some people are adventurers and they’ll forever be hiking into dark jungles and scaling unscaled mountains, but there’s only one way to find out if you are one of those people. Give yourself a taste of the outdoors. Go stay in a small town with no cell reception or camp on a remote beach for two weeks. Even if you discover that you’re a cities-and-hotels kind of explorer after all, at least you can say you did it. Most likely, you’ll learn that you love a little bit of both, and you’ll open up a whole new world of travel. 

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Improve Your Wine Knowledge


If you drink, one of the longest relationships you may have in your life is with wine. Once you start to discover the world of wine, you will quickly realize that It’s not about getting a buzz, but more about appreciating all of the flavors of what you’re eating and drinking more. Why anyone would waste any time not learning at least the basics of wine is baffling. Do it now and look forward to a life full of happy hours!

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Raid Your Mom's Closet

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Remember how mom always talks about that fantastic suede trench coat she wore in the ’70s and that vintage Liberty of London scarf she has somewhere? She’s been hoarding it for years hoping you would wear it one day, and the window is closing. You won’t fit in it forever (she didn’t), and the trend may likely only come around again once, so go raid mom’s closet and rock those looks while you can. She’ll be so excited to see you wearing her pieces, and it will make all her great memories come rushing back.

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Get to Know Your Family History

Learn About Family History
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If you haven’t discovered the magic that is Ancestry.com, do it now. Genealogy might sound like a dorky word, but it’s cool in conversation to know the history of your clan. More importantly, your grandparents, aunts, and uncles won’t be around forever, so now is the time to ask them all the questions you have about your family history, but remember to record your conversations and take notes and photos. And more importantly, don’t just ask the questions you have, but start digging into old photos and records because more questions will arise, and eventually, it will be too late to ask.

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What do you care about? Is it planting urban trees, children, animals, or something else entirely? Find your cause and devote yourself to it. Doing good is always a good thing for others, but devoting yourself to a cause is also good for your soul and your sanity; it’s so inspiring to have an interest and a project outside of work and your social life.

Figure out what your thing is and throw a fundraiser. It will allow you to exercise your skills in new ways, and it will introduce you to new people and challenges. Throwing a fundraiser is like business boot camp, and doing it in your 20s will give you not only new skills but also confidence that will improve every facet of your life.

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Work for Someone You Admire

woman working

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Life doesn’t always stack the deck in your favor, especially when you’re applying for jobs with little experience under your belt. But at some point in your 20s, work for someone you admire and make that your momentary career goal. It doesn’t have to be your immediate boss: maybe it’s your CEO or someone you volunteer with or shadow temporarily. But put yourself near them and learn everything you can from them.

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Spend Time With Children

Mom and Child

Children look up to you and they are magically drawn to 20-somethings. You are undeniably cool, and as soon as you hit 30, you won’t be as cool. Let them enjoy your amazing sense of humor, style, tech-savvy, and your inside edge. They will make you grin from ear to ear and will remind you that life doesn’t have to be so serious. Their naïveté and positivity will make you appreciate the beauty in the little things.

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Learn to Gamble

Las Vegas
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At some point, you will likely enter a casino, whether it’s in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, or a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Knowing how to play something besides the slots will keep you connected, entertain you, and stimulate your brain. Blackjack is a good place to start. At the very least, learn to play Liar’s Poker—that only costs a buck, and it’s an idle game you can play when you’re sitting in traffic on a road trip.

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Start a Collection

Photography Collection
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The thing about collections is that they only get better with age, but they take time. Start young, and you’ll have one hell of a stockpile in the next decade. Matchbooks, records, art, tablecloths, and the like will certainly lend an air of cool to your home.

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Challenge Your Culinary Skills

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Whether you’re a Cordon Bleu chef or you specialize in Annie’s mac ’n’ cheese, there’s always room for improvement in the kitchen. In your 30s and later, there will undoubtedly come a time when you’re forced to entertain, so start polishing those culinary skills now, and you’ll be a star soon enough.

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Explore a New American City

Los Angeles

America the beautiful is a big, wide place. There’s certainly more to see than you could have covered in your 20-some-odd years, so hit the trail and explore a new American city you haven’t seen before. The local currency and short travel distance will be easy on your young and underdeveloped wallet.

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Test Your Language Skills

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Learning a new language is not an easy thing to do, but exercising your existing language skills is certainly something you can accomplish. Did you take three years of French in high school or study abroad in Spain during college? Head to the French West Indies for a long weekend and strike up a conversation with the locals, or pony up to the French wine bar in your city and order a glass of Sancerre and a cheese plate in the native tongue of your bartender. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it, so see if you’ve still got it.

According to an MIT study, although the ideal age range for learning a new language is up until the age of about 17, thousands of adults who learned a new language after age 20 spoke the language as well as native speakers. So give it a try—it's definitely not too late!

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Travel to a Far-Off Place

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Though travel is expensive and time-consuming, it’s one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have. Sometime before you’re 30, grab a pal and head somewhere that’s nothing like home—major metropolitan cities like London and Paris don’t count. Expand your horizons, and your mind will be widened by the exposure to new customs, languages, and landscapes.

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Have Your Portrait Taken


You’ll always be beautiful, but you’ll never be as young as you are now. Have your portrait taken—anyone with a quality DSLR can do it—and capture your youth while you have it. An orchestrated portrait session isn’t necessary: Just be yourself and allow someone to snap you in a content moment.

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Try a New Sport

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If you haven’t already peaked in athletic prowess, you’re in your prime for trying a new sport (physical peak in most sports is considered to be between age 25 and 35). But let’s put the scary numbers aside for a second and talk about this: Discovering a new ability is one of the most exhilarating and confidence-boosting things you can do—even more so when it’s a healthy activity. Plus, if you discover a new sport, you’re likely to open yourself up to a whole new world of people, be it teammates, trainers, or just people you pass in the gym.

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