17 Things to Do on a Rainy Day When You're Bored

Rainy days are the absolute worst when you have things to do and places to be, especially when it's pouring diagonally and an umbrella just does not work. (Can you tell this has happened to us before?) But when you have the privilege of staying indoors, it's a new type of day altogether. Usually, this is the point where you need to decide if you're going to have a lazy or productive 12 hours. But why not do a little bit of both?

Once we started compiling this list, we realized just how many things you can do when it's raining outside. And yes, we classify reading in bed as being productive (we all need that in our lives). But, of course, it is just rain, so we highly recommend venturing outside too—here are some of our favorite rainy day date ideas.

So here are 17 things to do on a rainy day when you're bored, going room by room. From getting things done to getting some rest, scroll through to see our favorites.