50 Things to Do on a Sunday to Start the Week Off Right

Sunday is often the most challenging day of the week. As some people say, anticipation can be worse than the real thing—which, in this case, is the week ahead. On Saturday, you're all gung ho about the weekend, but as the hours creep further and further into Sunday, you get a case of what's been dubbed "the Sunday scaries." What do you have going on this coming week? Are you ready? How can you prepare yourself for the five days of work ahead?

What we really should be doing with those Sunday hours is savoring them, not wishing them away. Since you don't have to waste any more precious time, we've rounded up the 50 best things to do on a Sunday to start the week off right. Print out this list (or save it to your phone) and cross activities off as you go.

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1. Give your hair a hot-oil treatment. Put any olive oil you have in the house in a mug, heat it up for 60 seconds at a time in the microwave, and leave on your strands for 15 minutes. Shampoo it out, and your locks will thank you.

2. Prep a frittata to have for breakfast all week long. We're partial to this decadent recipe, courtesy of Athena Calderone.

3. Join Emma Watson's book club, Our Shared Shelf. Past books include Terese Marie Mailhot's Heart Berries, so get reading.

4. Browse pet-adoption websites. Even if you aren't ready to get one (or you already have one), it'll put a smile on your face.

5. Look at your friends' (and friends of friends') wedding registries. Why? Because it's pure fun.

Things to Do on a Sunday to Start Your Week Off Right
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6. Make a list of special things you want to treat yourself to this year. Keep this saved for motivation the next time you want to quit your side gig or you have a bad day at work.

7. Download the Shapr app. This program connects you with people in your business field, so go in with the goal of networking with two new individuals this month. It's kind of like a dating app, but for work!

8. Take an online calligraphy class. We're partial to Laura Hooper Calligraphy. Those swirls!

9. Download the soundtrack from your favorite show, movie, or musical. Then sing along to the whole thing. Is anyone else on a Call Me by Your Name kick?

10. Soak your feet in the tub. If you want to be fancy, throw in some bubbles, bath salts, or even a bath bomb for some fizz.

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11. Hang those pictures you never got around to. Who else has several stacked under their bed for an aspirational gallery wall?

12. Do an edit of your closet. You'll feel so much better knowing what you have and what you may need.

Toss or donate anything that's worn, doesn't fit, or that you won't ever wear again.

13. Write some snail mail to a friend—just because. We love these chic notecards with sweet sayings.

14. Buy tickets to a charity event. Browse Facebook to find fun fundraisers coming up. Then pick out which dress you'll wear/rent. Now you've got something to look forward to while giving back.

15. Explore a personalized daily vitamin plan, courtesy of Care/of. These custom, premade vitamin/supplement packs are perfect for people on the go.

16. Browse Thumbtack to find a new hobby. From voice lessons to dance instruction to the basics of tennis, you'll find an expert to teach you anything that interests you (be sure to read the reviews).

17. Download a new book from the public library database onto your e-reader. Did you know that most public libraries let you borrow e-books free of charge (with a library card, of course)? Be sure to see if there is a section of librarians' picks; it usually has some great under-the-radar selections.

18. Look up volunteer opportunities near you. Find something that interests you like tutoring local kids or helping at a soup kitchen. Then enlist a friend to join you!

19. Put on some teeth-whitening strips. Who doesn't want more of a reason to smile? Distract yourself from the weird feeling by watching some aspiring musicians do celebrity covers on YouTube.

20. Dance around to get in the last few steps of the day on your fitness tracker. Let loose.

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21. Do some guided imagery meditation. It will put you in a good place as you cruise into Monday.

22. Get your taxes together. Remember how rushed you were this year? Quickly gather any receipts, bills, or expenses and make a spreadsheet of anything you need to keep track of. Prepping early will eliminate any guesswork for next year.

23. Clean your jewelry. Did you know dish soap makes rings squeaky clean?

24. Make a five-year plan. Who else has received the dreaded interview question, What is your five-year plan? Make one list that's career-focused and another that revolves around your personal life.

25. Gather your change and roll it. Or just gather it! Some banks like Bank of America will actually send it out unrolled and deposit it in your account with no fees (if you're a cardholder, of course).

26. Scroll through MyDomaine's Pinterest for travel-destination inspo. Japan? Hawaii? Panama? Which destination will you save for your next trip?

27. Go on OpenTable and snag a coveted reservation weeks in advance. Use Zagat to get some fun ideas.

28. Clean your makeup brushes. Do you know how dirty they actually get?

29. Whip up some fruit-infused water for the week. Simply cut up your favorites and put them at the bottom of a pitcher. Pour water over the slices, and let it sit for at least an hour in the fridge. A good combo is strawberries, cucumbers, and mint.

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30. Search for a friend's birthday gift months in advance. It will guarantee you'll get them something just as special as they are.

31. Stretch. Lay out your yoga mat and just do some light stretching. You'll instantly feel more zen.

32. Treat yourself to fro-yo at your favorite local spot. Splurge on some extra toppings, because you're worth it.

33. Arrange a pretty bouquet. Plus, here's how to do it with flowers from the grocery store.

34. Try bullet journaling for the week. It may take some time to familiarize yourself with the symbols, but this method will be so good for your time management.

35. Scroll through old pictures of you and your friends. Is there anything better than a trip down memory lane? You'll be occupied for hours, plus you may even be inspired to print some photos!

36. Take a soul stroll. Fitness guru Erin Stutland's playlist features music mixed with empowering mantras—the perfect soundtrack for a relaxing walk.

37. Write yourself inspirational notes to scatter throughout your home. Everyone can use some words of encouragement!

38. Wash your bedding to give your bed a fresh start for the week ahead. Face it, few things feel better than slipping into clean sheets. Washing your bed linens in warm water will remove unwanted bacteria and also give you peace of mind.

39. Call a loved one to catch up with, or tell them how grateful you are for their presence in your life.

40. Clean out your purse or gym bag. It's no secret receipts, old water bottles and other items pile up in the bags that help you live your on-the-go lifestyle. Take some time to order the chaos before another busy week rolls around.

41. Ride a bike around your neighborhood or a nearby bike path. Soak up some Vitamin D while you move around town.

42. Purge the contents of your refrigerator. Now's the perfect time to deal with that Tupperware you've been avoiding. While you're at it, toss any items that are expired or no longer needed.

43. Start a gratitude journal or investigate apps that will help you incorporate a thankful spirit into your routine. After all, gratitude has been shown to have a number of health benefits.

44. Catch up on a Netflix show or start a new one. If watching TV is a way you unwind, carve out some time for it.

45. Visit a museum in your area. Take in the cultural offerings and learn something new.

46. Organize your digital devices. Clean up your iPhone's display (and maybe even organize your apps by icon color, like The Home Edit). Clean off your laptop's desktop background full of things you never intended to be left there for long.

47. Find a new podcast to listen to on your commute. Our editors are big fans of podcasts, whether they be true crime-focused or historical.

48. Volunteer for a cause that means something to you. Whether it's tutoring, feeding those experiencing homelessness or helping out at your local animal shelter, there's a volunteer opportunity that awaits.

49. Start a journal to organize your thoughts or experiences. Who knows? You might develop a new habit.

50. Unplug from the internet. Take a break from scrolling on social media or obsessively checking your inbox and enjoy the moment— or one of these other low-tech activities.

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