35 Things to Do on Mother's Day (That Cost Practically Nothing)

Do you ever think about how busy you were as a child? Sure, compared to how things are now it's laughable, but your schedule still had a lot going on: sporting practice, music lessons, art classes, and playdates—to name a few. And, they were all likely coordinated in one way or another by your mom. So when Mother's Day rolls around (which is on Sunday, May 13, by the way), it's ironic that her child would often struggle to think of a single way to fill her time. So we're here to help with a comprehensive list of things to do on Mother's Day.

Instead of putting together a last-minute celebration, follow the example she once set for you and plan ahead. Whether you have just a few free hours or you've set aside the whole day, there are plenty of things you can schedule in those time frames to show how much you care. From small acts of kindness you can handle alone to grand gestures that can include family, here are 35 (mostly free) things to do on Mother's Day.