Do These 4 Things Over the Weekend for a Healthier Week


Christian Vierig/Getty

The key to a successful week includes what you do before it even begins. Using your Sunday to plan out the week ahead will yield great results in both your professional and personal life. Don’t rush into a workweek still recovering from the weekend, without any real idea of what you hope to accomplish before Saturday rolls around. Instead, hit the ground running Monday morning with a game plan for tackling the next handful of days ahead, with all the tools you need to assist you on hand and ready to go.

To better your workweeks and improve your overall quality of life, we’ve rounded up our favorite Sunday strategies, proposed by PopSugar, that promise to better your life while getting you through to the next weekend as the happiest and healthiest you can be.

Draw out your calendar. Begin to visualize the week ahead by drawing out exactly how you’d like your week to run. Set deadlines for your professional and personal goals, carve out time for activities and “me time.” Sign up for your fitness classes and pencil in dates with your friends. Mapping out the week will keep you motivated as you get back in the grind on Monday, and it will keep you from procrastinating or blowing off workout sessions or quality time with friends.

Plan and make your meals. Use your Sunday for meal prep, pulling healthy recipes for make-ahead options or planning out grocery buys for dinners down the road. Shop for the bulk of your ingredients on Sunday, with a midweek produce pickup for freshness. Prep ahead by washing, cutting, and storing key ingredients, streamlining your cooking when you arrive home tired from work or are rushing to get out the door in the morning.

Gather up your gear. Gather up everything you’ll need throughout the week to avoid last-minute rushing around or losing important items. Pack your gym bag, queue up a fresh Spotify playlist to power up your workout or help you focus at your desk, have your “me time” necessities—your journal, a book, a craft project—on hand and ready to go whenever you need to break away.

Have a special Sunday night sleep tradition. Sleep is essential to our health, happiness, and ability to work effectively. Set the tone for the week by making sure you catch your max number of z’s on Sunday night so you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated Monday morning. Take a hot, soothing bath; slip into your favorite pair of pajamas; and unwind with calming music or a good book.

Now discover the one thing to do on Sunday to live with purpose for the rest of the week.