25 Things to Do on Valentine's Day, as a Couple or on Your Own

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Let’s be completely honest: Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But we’ve figured out that the trick is to celebrate the holiday in your own way, whether that’s with the traditional flowers, a greeting card, chocolates, and dinner, or something a little less conventional.

This February 14, learn to practice self-love or show your partner how much you care with these 25 unique things to do on Valentine’s Day. They seriously run the gamut, including all-out pampering, charitable endeavors, cultural events, and chill things you can do with someone special, a friend, or even by yourself. Now, go on and celebrate the day of love—whichever way happens to work for you.

Try a Wine-and-Dine Movie Theater

a Movie Tavern
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Upscale movie theaters like iPic offer cozy seating and full wine-and-dinner service. While the price may be higher than a regular movie, who doesn’t want to watch something on the big screen while munching on some truffle fries and sipping cabernet? Oh yeah, and the pods often have blankets—perfect for cuddling.

Go to a Jazz Club

People enjoying a concert
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There’s just something sultry about listening to live music in a dimly lit jazz bar. Plus, you can usually snag a reservation if you’re up for cocktails and apps.

Participate in an Undie Run for a Good Cause

runners in Cupids Undie Run in West Hollywood, California.
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Sign up for Cupid's Undie Run, then strip down to your skivvies and race for a good cause. Held annually in cities across the U.S., this one-mile fun run benefits neurofibromatosis research.

Attend a Romantic Night at the Planetarium

an audience watching stars at a planetarium
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The romance of stargazing isn't lost on planetariums. Many of them host couple's events around Valentine's Day, so do a little digging to see if one is happening near you. Bonus: Clear skies are always in the forecast, no matter what Mother Nature is conjuring up outside.

Take a Relaxing Bath

a woman in a bubble bath
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Turn on the faucet, toss in a fizzy bath bomb, and get your zen on. This can be done solo or with a partner.

Check Out a Burlesque Show.

a woman performing at a burlesque show
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Even if you don’t know how to dance, you can get in the mood with some burlesque. Acts tend to be innovative—and sultry.

Recreate Four First Date

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Go to that restaurant where you first met or the cocktail bar where you said cheers over martinis. If your first date was totally awkward, have a first-date "do-over" and replace it with fresh new memories.

Breakfast in bed

This luxury shouldn’t just be reserved for hotel stays. Wake up an hour early, whip up something tasty, and settle in for some together time before you head off to work.

Get an at-Home Couple's Massage

a couple getting a couple's massage
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We get it—there’s likely no time to head to the spa on this special day. Order a massage therapist duo to come to you with an on-demand app like Zeel.

Make Your Own Wine Vintage

people tasting wine in a wine cellar
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Wine tasting is great, but creating your own vintage? Even better. Places like The Wine Foundry in Napa allow you to stomp on your own grapes and take home your very own bottles. Save your first pour for celebrating your anniversary.

Watch the Sunset or Sunrise

a couple watching a sunset
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Grab a blanket and watch the night or morning sky. We know you want to snap a pic but leave your phone inside. This is all about taking in the moment.

Spend a Night Away

a person a opening door to a hotel room
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Who says you need to venture far to reap the benefits of travel? Play tourist in your own city, then treat yourself to an overnight stay in a fancy hotel, preferably one with top-notch amenities (hello, in-room massages) and, of course, room service.

Have a Fun Photoshoot

a woman holding camera
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It doesn’t have to be your engagement to take some pictures together (and you don’t have to necessarily hire a photographer, either). If you’re flying solo this year, getting a few new dating profile pics taken is also totally acceptable.

Serve up a Valentine’s Day–Inspired Meal

a woman cutting vegetables
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Sur La Table, in particular, has a ton of cooking classes leading up to the big day, many of which follow a Valentine's Day theme. Be sure to replicate the feast on February 14.

Read a Love Story

a woman reading a book with a cup of coffee
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Classic romance novels include Wuthering Heights, Romeo and Juliet, and Pride and Prejudice (although Twilight is also a guilty pleasure).

Go to a Paint Night Together

a woman at a ceramics workshop
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Unleashing your inner artist is always a little easier with wine in hand. This can be a great way to bond with your partner or go meet some other singles.

Commission a Couple's Illustration

people looking at drawings
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No boring card here. Hire an illustrator to create a custom sketch of you and your S.O. We like How Heart Thou, who also donates 50% of proceeds to a good cause (prices upon request).

Watch Your Wedding Video

a crowd throwing confetti around a newlywed couple

Calling all married couples: This is your time to reminisce about your nuptials. (That’s right—your video is not just reserved for anniversaries.)

Try a Couple's Workout

a couple working out together

As you probably already know, the duo that sweats together stays together. Even cuter? Ask your person which workout they’re in the mood for that day, and head to the class with them.

Bake Something Heart-Shaped

a woman baking Valentine's Day cookies

Think pizza, waffles, pancakes, cookies... Really, what isn’t delicious in heart form?

Belt out Some Karaoke

Two women doing karaoke in a dimly lit room
Unsplash/Jorge Flores

Word to the wise: Book a private room if you want to vent about a breakup.

Get a Mixology Lesson

a person making a cocktail
 Unsplash/Jia Jia Shum

Sip on something tasty as you learn how to make your favorite cocktails. Head to the exclusive Apothéke Academy in New York, which features ingredients from the rooftop garden and the farmers market.

Make It a Game Night

a woman dealing cards
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Set up a round or two of poker or Cards Against Humanity, if that’s more your thing. If you're feeling fancy, get dressed up and head to the casino for some slots and blackjack.

Play Hooky

a couple cuddling in bed
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We don’t usually condone calling in sick, but sometimes a day of rest is the best (especially if you can spend it with the one you love).

Watch a Love Story Unfold on Film

a couple watching TV together
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Whether it’s The Holiday, Love Actually, or even something classic, get in a romantic state of mind.

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