25 Things To Do Tonight if Your Plans Fall Through at the Last Minute

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Whether a friend canceled at the last minute, the weather got in the way, or you had to work later than expected, never fear, because we have some options for entertaining things to do tonight nonetheless. It's time to perk yourself up—because sometimes you end up having even more fun when you do something spontaneous. In short? We strongly suggest refraining from curling up in bed and wasting a good night (unless a night of R&R happens to be your new plan). Once you kick yourself out of the house, you will be happy that you made the extra effort instead of wallowing in your missed opportunity.

No matter the season, we have an evening activity for you. And the best part is, most activities on the list can easily be done inside or out, so you don't have to worry about your second round of nighttime plans being ruined as well. Decided you don't actually want to hang out with people after all? There are also plenty of solitary activities in case you want a little alone time. Choose one of these things to do tonight, and make your own fun—we dare you.

Ahead, find 25 fun things that you can do, totally last-minute.

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Call a Friend

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There’s always one person who you owe a marathon phone session to (we bet you even have a few on your “must-call list”). Reach out tonight and properly catch up since you don’t have somewhere else you’re running off to for once. Pour a glass of wine, and it will almost be like they’re right there with you.

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Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundae Bar

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Let’s be honest, is there anything better than an ice cream sundae bar? Stop at the store to load up on all your favorite fixings. It's a great activity for friends, or even solo!

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Start Your Holiday Shopping List

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It’s never too soon to start planning what you’ll get those nearest and dearest to you. You can even closely monitor when prices drop to make sure you get the best deals. After all, it is a great way to store all of those momentary ideas before they slip your mind.

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Go on Bumble Bizz

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If you're single, take a break from the frustrating dating apps and make some time for networking. In case you missed it, Bumble has expanded to help link you up with career mentors and others in your industry. All you need to do is download the original app and go into Bumble Bizz mode.

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Practice Gratitude

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Whether you choose to make a list of some things you’re grateful for or opt to say them out loud, it never hurts to take a moment to count your blessings. It might help to mix a little meditation in to help you get the introspective ball rolling.

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Plan for Something

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Whether it’s a vacation, a dinner with a friend, or an outing to the theater to catch that play you’ve been dying to see, tonight’s the night to make plans. Having an exciting event on the horizon will give you something to look forward to—and you deserve it. Not to mention that some of the best plans don't exactly lend themselves to spontaneity, so it's a great practice in planning.

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Have a Movie Marathon at Home

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We’re talking popcorn, candy, and a Gilmore Girls-style marathon complete with a theme (and sheet masks). If you’re too tired to go all out, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to Postmates and an entertaining new release.

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Do Your Seasonal Clothing Swap

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It’s time for a clothing swap in your closet and there is always work to be done when it comes to your wardrobe. How to get yourself to finish the closet cleanout? Plan on rewarding yourself with a new wardrobe staple once the last sandal is stored away and the final boot is on display.

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Send a Handwritten Card

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Many people underestimate the power of a handwritten card or note. Write something sweet to someone you care about, even if it’s for no reason at all. We bet you’ll get a phone call or text later that week from them letting you know that you made their day.

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Cuddle up With a New Book

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You don’t need to be in a book club to start reading again. Go on Goodreads and find something that tickles your fancy (or just text a friend for their top book picks). Either way, we bet you’ll find a title that will whisk you away for the night.

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Organize Your "Trouble" Cabinet

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We all have that cabinet (or drawer or closet) that basically explodes on us every time we open it. Finally take stock of what you need to do to remedy the issue. It will probably involve some contraptions from The Container Store (but Marie Kondo would be proud).

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Take a Walk to Nowhere

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Seriously, just lace up your comfy shoes and walk without a route in mind (obviously be mindful of your safety). The freedom of not knowing where the path will lead can be empowering, especially if you queue up a fun playlist for your journey.

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Learn Yoga at Home

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It only takes one advanced yoga class for you to get a little weary about learning the poses in the studio. Instead, try out Manduka x Yogaia’s interactive at-home yoga classes that let you use your webcam to get feedback from your instructor in real-time.

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Declutter Your Desktop

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If your computer’s desktop looks anything like ours, it’s probably in need of a little cleanup (like right now). Organize your photos and documents into folders so you’ll know where everything is. When your space is clean, your head will follow.

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Make Friends With Neighbors


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It never hurts to get to know the people next door (before you lock yourself out of your place). Bake a batch of muffins or leave them a bottle of wine with a note to have dinner sometime. It'll make it a little easier next time you need to ask for a favor—or want a friend to take a walk with!

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Host a Chill Game Night

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It doesn’t matter how many people you ask over, request them to bring their favorite board game (or try gathering at a local bar that has its own selection). For next time, purchase a lesser-known pick like Ticket to Ride so everyone is on the same playing field.

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Start Journaling

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You might not think it's your thing, but give it a try before you give it a definitive "no." Just open up a blank notebook and put pen to paper. Ler your ideas, fears, joys, and the like just flow.

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Clean Out Your Kitchen

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Ok, this might not feel like the most exciting of Friday night activities, but trust us: It's insanely satisfying. Now you'll actually know what spices you have, throw out that expired jar of pickles, and maybe even make a shopping list of new produce that you have now made room for.

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Shop Online

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Be forewarned: This is a slippery slope. Don't go crazy and spend your life savings on new clothing you don't actually need. But for those who seemingly have nothing to wear because everything is old or doesn't fit, indulge in a little shopping spree—from the comfort of home.

If you're going to shop, you might as well get the best deal possible. Try using the site Rakuten so you don't only automatically get access to sales and promotions, but you earn percentages back from your purchase—in cash!—as well.

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Head to a New Restaurant

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If your first plans fell through, maybe there's someone else in your phonebook who you know is game to try that new neighborhood spot. And, if the activity is centered around the hot buzz-y food joint, you don't even need to invite a bestie. In fact, it might be the perfect opportunity to get to know a new acquaintance a little better.

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Go Dancing


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Let loose and go out dancing. Send out a group text to all your friends who love a dance floor as much as you do and head out as you used to in your youth.

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Play With Your Kids

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If you have little (or big!) ones at home, take advantage of the extra time and make a special date night with them. Who cares if your other plans fell through? You don't get this time back with your kids.

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Have a Spa Night

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Now this can be easily done solo or with a group of friends—it entirely depends on your mood. We're talking bubble baths, face masks, mani-pedis, and the works.

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Take a Road Trip

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Did your plans falling through give you at least a few hours advanced notice? Consider driving to see a friend who lives just about that much time away that you haven't seen in a while. It will be a great way to catch up in impromptu fashion.

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Clearly, with no notice, you can't go crazy with your redecoration techniques, but a simple movement of furniture will work wonders. Or, have a little bit of time? Consider painting!

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