9 Things I Got Rid Of When I Entered My 30s

Navigating your 20s can be challenging, to say the least. Your youthful spirit is suddenly weighed down by career choices and major life decisions, not to mention apprehension, anxiety, and a limited budget. The latter doesn't help much when it comes to decorating your first apartment, which is typically a mix of family hand-me-downs, thrift-store finds, and high-street pieces. But that's okay—your 20s are meant for exploration while you figure out your personal tastes.

By the time your 30s arrive, however, your palate has been refined (often along with your salary), and you'll likely have a new passion for crafting an intimate sanctuary at home—this is how your living room should look at every age. In the same way that your personal style has evolved to suit your grown-up personality, so too has your interior aesthetic. But this often means ditching a few things in the process. Well, at least it did in mine.

So to help you enter this new decade of your life in the grandest style, I've compiled a few of the things I tossed when I entered my 30s.