Still Holding Onto These 30 Items? Toss Them Today

The concept of letting go is something that is often discussed in the media world. We’re told to let go of the past, let go of fear, let go of anger. Even Disney touched on the topic with the hit song, "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen.

I believe in the power of letting go, but I think the first step to any sort of release is to get rid of the things that are not allowing us to let go. I’m talking about the clutter that fills our closets, drawers, and storage units. Why are you still holding onto every issue of Vogue magazine from 2007? Are these magazines a vital part of your life? Probably not.

Look around and purge the unnecessary items that you don’t need and you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to let go. Ask yourself: "Why am I holding on to this? Does it serve me a purpose?" Chances are you don’t need it and it’s not doing you any good. If you’re still holding onto any of the following 30 objects, get rid of them today. Toss them in the garbage, bring them to Goodwill, or recycle them.

  1. Old magazines. If you haven’t read the June issue of Martha Stewart Living by now, you’re not going to read it anytime soon.
  2. Birthday cards that are not from your most recent birthday.
  3. Love letters from old significant others.
  4. Clothes that are too small and not cute.
  5. Programs from shows you saw or art exhibits you went to.
  6. Tickets to concerts and sporting events.
  7. Notes from your high school friends.
  8. Every piece of artwork your child has ever made.
  9. Old newspapers.
  10. Childhood toys, stuffed animals, and momentos.
  11. Paperwork and files from irrelevant past jobs.
  12. Clothes you’ve never worn.
  13. Socks that don’t have a match.
  14. Anything (from canned foods to vitamins to sunscreen) that has expired.
  15. Old, crusty gross makeup.
  16. Holiday cards from last year.
  17. Last year’s calendar.
  18. Any old calendars. 
  19. DVDs and CDs that you don’t love.
  20. Old invitations.
  21. Old textbooks.
  22. Office supplies you don’t use.
  23. Printed recipes you tried and didn’t like.
  24. Books you’ve read and didn’t like.
  25. Tupperware containers that don’t have lids.
  26. Empty shoe boxes.
  27. Stacks of junk mail.
  28. Kitchen gadgets you don’t use.
  29. Outdated electronics.
  30. Neglected projects. If you were going to learn how to knit three years ago but never got around to it, get rid of those boxes of yarn!

Learn more about this topic by reading Dr. David R. Hawkins's book, Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

What items will you be getting rid of?