12 of the Best Things to Learn After College

When I graduated from college, I was sad that my education was finished—until I realized that just because I was out of school, I didn’t have to stop learning new things. At that time, I lived abroad and missed my dad’s cooking, so I decided to teach myself how to cook. Little did I know that four years later I would be employed as a food editor and another four years after that as a personal chef!

While I’m constantly learning new techniques in the kitchen (on my to-do list: master homemade gnocchi), I also really enjoy the process of learning in general. It makes you feel like a kid, and it’s exciting to become proficient in something new. If you haven’t had the thrill of picking up a new skill in a while, I highly recommend you head "back to school." Here are 12 of the best things you can learn after you’ve graduated from college.