13 Things You Should Stop Wasting Money On

Now that I’ve realized I owe the IRS a bunch of tax money, I’m eager to find easy ways to save cash. Naturally, a recent AOL article on things that we shouldn’t waste money on caught my eye. “It's remarkably easy to overspend,” explains Kathleen Elkins. “Not only are we surrounded by enticing things to buy, but they're at our fingertips with the swipe of a plastic card, leaving us with thinner wallets and a bunch of unnecessary stuff and services,” she adds. You might be throwing away $20 here and $10 there without even realizing it! So what should you stop wasting money on? Here are 13 items to reconsider now.

  1. Bottled water. It’s not good for the environment, and it’s probably just tap water that has been bottled.
  2. Online dating. There are plenty of apps that will help you find love for free.
  3. Cable television. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV—all of these alternatives are cheaper than paying for a bunch of channels you never watch.
  4. Bank fees. Don’t put up with ridiculous bank fees. Consider going to a credit union.
  5. The roof over your head. If you’re blowing all of your income on rent, you should think about moving to a more affordable part of town.
  6. Unnecessary smartphone data. Pay attention to your plan when you are selecting it, and then follow up and make sure you’re not getting charged extra.
  7. Online shipping. Most online retailers offer some sort of option that gets your purchases to your doorstep free of additional charges.
  8. Cheap art. According to environmental designer Pablo Solomon, people pickup knockoff prints for insanely expensive prices. Look for up-and-coming artists and snag something cheap and original.
  9. Fast food. Spending $12 on a salad for lunch every day is not a good idea.
  10. Subscriptions. If you don’t read the paper or that magazine, stop subscribing to it.
  11. Weight loss traps. Weight loss pills and supplements are most likely traps and won’t work.
  12. Lottery tickets. Instead of spending a couple of dollars per day on a lottery ticket, put that money into a retirement fund.
  13. A morning latte. One easy way to substantially grow money is to not spend $4 a day on a coffee drink.

To learn what other things you shouldn’t be spending money on, visit AOL now.

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 What items do you refuse to spend money on?