4 Things Every Woman Must Do During Her Next Salary Negotiation

There are several work-related events that make most of us feel icky, including but not limited to the following: letting a co-worker down, putting in our two weeks' notice, and asking for a pay increase. Although the last situation should not make us uncomfortable, it’s a topic of concern for most women, often because they aren’t properly prepared for the meeting with their boss. So when I came across a recent article on Fortune that details the things you must know before you ask for a pay bump, I thought it was too good not to share. Scroll down to make sure you’re prepared the next time you take the pay-increase-talk plunge: 

1. Know your body language. If you’re shaking during the meeting, chances are you won’t impress. Make sure your eye contact and gestures are exuding confidence. In order to prep for your meeting, practice with your co-worker or friend in the same field.
2. Be aware of the company climate. It’s not always what you ask, but how and when you ask it. If your office just laid off a ton of staffers, it’s not the time to be requesting a pay raise, no matter how much you may have earned it. 
3. Make it clear it's not just about pay. Yes, money talks, but there are other ways the business can reward you for your work. If a pay increase is not an option, bring up alternatives like a title change or more PTO.
4. Have a positive attitude. If you radiate good energy, your supervisor will want to keep you happy, even if the results aren’t immediate.

Pick up this book about body language to prepare for your meeting. Do you have any tips for negotiating salary?