7 Interesting Things Your Home Says About You

1. Your political affiliation: A study in Political Psychology says that conservatives are often extremely neat, tend to have bright rooms, and collect more sports memorabilia, flags, and cleaning supplies. Liberals, on the other hand, tend to use more color in their space and are often cluttered.

2. If you are outgoing: Color pros say you can judge whether people are extroverted based on their front door: Red means you are bold and outgoing, blue says you are relaxed, green says you are more traditional, and black means you are quiet.

3. What you weigh: If you are a woman and keep a box of cereal on your kitchen counter, you weigh around 20 pounds more on average than women who don’t, according to a Cornell University study. On the flip side, individuals who keep a bowl of fruit out weigh significantly less than those who don’t.

4. How type A you are: Ironically, if your sock drawer is messy, it’s likely you are type A. According to experts, individuals who are highly organized don’t waste time keeping little things in order.

5. If you’re a millennial: If you have framed selfies of yourself on display, you are likely a millennial, since older generations found this is poor taste.

6. If you like your job: A survey discovered that those who made their beds in the morning felt more fulfilled at work.

7. If you suffer from anxiety: If you don’t have any clutter anywhere—not even under your bed or in your closet—chances are you’re harboring some anxiety. Scientists suggest this is because those who experience anxiety try to control other things in their lives.

Consider a chic fruit bowl for your kitchen counter, and tell us: What does your place say about you?