7 Healthy Habits Every 30-Something Needs

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Like most people who want a robust personal life without having to sacrifice professional responsibilities and goals, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve upon our own work/life balance strategy. From sorting out nutrition habits to establishing healthy day-to-day routines, your 30s are all about the path to mastery. By now you've probably experimented with a variety of tricks that help you manage and distribute your time effectively (hopefully without compromising too much fun).

If you're hoping to establish a curated list of healthy habits to incorporate into your lifestyle to achieve the balancing act, consider this guide your checklist. To that end, we’ve assembled a list of our favorite life hacks and habits to keep you looking and feeling at the top of your game. Keep scrolling to hear our best-laid plans for juggling it all in good health and share your hacks in the comment section.

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Take Your Vitamins

Upon exiting the pizza-cures-all cruise control of your 20s, late-night revelry begins to require a more strategic approach. The joy of mastering your personal cleansing ritual cannot be overstated. We’re happily welcoming magnesium, B vitamins, and superfoods as the new post-party ritual. Anything from keeping your digestive and immune systems in peak performance with a few days of Ayurvedic cleansing to simply cutting out toxins can have a ripple effect of benefits that last throughout the year. A healthy gut affects everything from mood and brain function to body weight and metabolism.

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Perfect Your Skin Routine

The time has come to master your beauty arsenal. The overall health of your skin, including the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, is in large part due to nutrition. As the body’s largest organ, your skin reads like a roadmap to daily nutrition and proper digestion. Stack your diet with foods guaranteed to maintain a healthy glow. We’re loving indie label Glossier’s makeup line for low-maintenance, toxin-free makeup. Hone your nightly routine to include anti-aging solutions and wake up to better skin and hair overnight.

Exercise Regularly

It comes as no surprise that the right exercise routine is critical to maintaining overall health, metabolism, and mental clarity. In a perfect world, your calendar and wallet accommodate all the SoulCycle you can handle. Yet with the frenetic pace of everyday life, it can often be hard to get in enough gym time. Streamline your routine for maximum efficiency in minimal time. Even a 10-minute walk during your workday can elevate your mood and gives your body a much-needed reprieve from hours sitting at a desk. 

Try Meditation

Just 10 minutes of mindful meditation has been proven to increase productivity, focus, and mental well-being exponentially. Best-selling author and world-renowned life strategist Tony Robbins tells us if you don't have 10 minutes a day to meditate, “you don’t have a life.” Adding a meditation practice to your morning routine boosts everything from memory to weight loss and self-control.

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Learn to Cook

Eating on the go can wreak havoc on your overall health. Fast food is often packed with high sugar and salt content, along with other harmful chemicals and toxins. When you find yourself in a rush, opt for healthy recipes with very little prep time. Learning to cook a satisfying and nutritious meal in under a half-hour is the modern woman’s saving grace.

Master Your Jet Lag

Business travel, both foreign and domestic, demands you stay on your A-game, even in the face of recalibrating to a new time zone. Keeping your circadian rhythm—the 24-hour cycle in biochemical, physiological, and behavioral processes within the human body—in sync is the key to beating jet lag and overall fatigue. When you need to recover from a journey abroad or simply acclimate to a different coast, reach for electrolytes, light meals, and plenty of sunshine to reset your biological clock.

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Learn to Eat Healthy

Diet and nutrition have an immense hold over your body’s stress levels. Together, stress and inflammation are the leading causes of illness and physical signs of aging. Through proper diet and nutrition, inflammation within the body can be dramatically reduced. When your schedule gets hectic, rely on anti-inflammatory and energy boosting foods, and avoid the most toxic offenders.

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