This is Happening: Collected Eclectic

You know the type: the friend who answers every compliment with, "Oh this? I picked it up at a market in Tokyo." Thankfully, with a vision and some key e-commerce sources, you needn't be a member of the jetset to have a place that looks like you are. Here, a cheat sheet for the well-traveled, idiosyncratic abode.


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FRAMES Stacking frames on the floor lends a romantic "scattered artist" appeal to the scene. Lean them so they slightly overlap with one another in a low-traffic stretch of the room. We like the classic wood options at for a gallery tone.

DOMES Showcase precious curios under glass domes; we love the Victorian parlor feel of these solid oak-finished styles, which are available in myriad sizes. $16-$200, Evolution

HARDWARE Equilateral nails are a delightful way to highlight eye-catching accessories, such as tribal-inspired costume jewelry, wide-brimmed hats, and vintage Polaroids. The result is very 3D inspiration board. $28, General Store


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LUGGAGE The leave-your-luggage-out trend has officially hit the zeitgeist. Shop Etsy for a slew of authentic options, including this vintage shipping box, replete with faded postage. $39, Etsy.

PLATES The table is the perfect canvas for unabashed mismatching; these original prototype plates, sourced from the archive room of shuttered New York plateware factory Syracuse China, date back to 1903 and feature one-of-a-kind directional markings. From $33, Fishs Eddy

FLAGS Early versions of Old Glory and The Union Jack have become decorative staples. We're also partial to less expected inclusions; search eBay for Japan's Rising Sun to maximize graphic impact, show your local pride with a state flag, or take a quirky route with a Girl Scout banner.


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RUGS Like "The Rachel" in its heyday, when it comes to rugs there's no such thing as too many layers. Overlap faded kilims like the Turkish offerings at The Loaded Trunk for a rich, grand bazaar effect, or one-stop-shop it with their patchwork option, which incorporates jijim and cicim remnants. $600, The Loaded Trunk

ANTIQUE TEXTILES Go New Ruralist with vintage feed sacks repurposed as runners and throws. Wash with fabric softener to mellow the raw surface. We love the offerings at this vintage European textile eBay store.

PATINAED METAL Cultivate objects that show their age; these vintage brass knobs are a delightful way to refresh a tired piece of furniture. $10, Liz's Antique Hardware


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ANIMALS Taxidermy is a craze that just won't quit; channel the Natural History Museum with your own personal mascot (who died of natural causes). We're calling him Wilbur. $1295, Evolution

SUPER-SIZE Play with scale, whether it's a supercharged card catalog or a wall-dwarfing clock: this oversized Bender floor lamp by Northern Lighting has a utilitarian design with a spotlight-worthy presence. $822, Royal Design

PROPS There should be something in your place that feels like a misplaced object from a Wes Anderson film. Contact Voyaging Co.'s beaver tail basswood paddle satisfies this requirement, is hand-finished, and comes with a certificate of authenticity that testifies to its edition. $140, Bespoke Global



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