This is Happening: Noir

A mix of Karl Lagerfeld polish with Hitchcock atmosphere, a noir sensibility has slowly but surely crept into interiors. But how to embrace the dark side without veering into dungeon territory? Follow the five simple rules below.   domaine-this-is-happening-noir-header-01
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Living Chair Cowhide Black, $3225, HD Buttercup Cushion Cover, $25, H&M  Malibu Chair, $3600, Kelly Wearstler
To avoid a one-note effect, mix textures within your monochromatic scheme wherever possible; whether it's animal hide, pleather scales, glossy black floors or high-lacquer walls, a visual layering will keep things interesting, and temper any unintentional severity.   domaine-this-is-happening-noir-header-02
 domaine-this-is-happening-noir-market-contrast-01 domaine-this-is-happening-noir-market-contrast-02  domaine-this-is-happening-noir-market-contrast-03
Stripe Ikat Pillow, From $525, Madeline Weinrib Ktribe S2 Suspension Light, $595, Moma Store Mr. Brainwash "Fragile Hearts" Plate, $56, Garde 
Everyone knows that black and white is the hottest couple since Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, so it's crucial not to keep these two apart. That said, rather than giving them equal billing, keep the ratio closer to the 80/20 range in favor of black, using white as a highlight rather than a co-star--and take advantage of a black background's potential to make bookcases and gallery walls pop.   domaine-this-is-happening-noir-header-03
 domaine-this-is-happening-noir-market-shape-03  domaine-this-is-happening-noir-market-shape-02  domaine-this-is-happening-noir-market-shape-01
Large Urchin Bean Bag, $22000, Blackman Cruz Stelton Time Clock, $139, Horne Tokyo Pop Arm Chair, $885, Unica Home
This dramatically simplified palette opens up a world of silhouette possibilities--so seek out a statement piece that veers away from the usual fare. We're not endorsing a room full of spiky bean bags--admittedly, if budget permits, one might be nice--but think about a streamlined negative-space-friendly clock, or a curvilinear arm chair.   domaine-this-is-happening-noir-header-04
 domaine-this-is-happening-noir-market-black-and-brass-03  domaine-this-is-happening-noir-market-black-and-brass-04  domaine-this-is-happening-noir-market-black-and-brass-01
Smeg Refrigerator, Price Upon Request, Smeg  Jet Setter Side Tables, $1295, Room Service  Black and Brass Paper Weights, $88, Object 
Ornamenting black with brassy shine warms up the typically cold hue. It also offers a nod to classicism, for those of you who'd like to take things in a polite society direction, as opposed to a more S&M one (no judgment).   domaine-this-is-happening-noir-header-06
 domaine-this-is-happening-noir-market-spooky-romance-03 domaine-this-is-happening-noir-market-spooky-romance-02  domaine-this-is-happening-noir-market-spooky-romance-01
Ciel Wallpaper, Price Upon Request, Trove Eidolon Pendant, $560, Metropolitan Decor Portrait Black Platter, $35, CB2
While it's important to temper black's effects in the ways described above, it's also to your advantage to winkingly acknowledge the spookiness that the shade connotes. A dash of "danger" will go a long way toward setting a mysterious mood, whether it's a stormy patterned wallpaper, or a gothic styled light fixture. domaine-this-is-happening-noir-header-07
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Railings No. 31, from $33, Farrow & Ball Onyx Black GLN62 D8 by Glidden, from $3, Home Depot  Black PM-9, from $7, Benjamin Moore
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