This $110 Pillow Stays "Cold to the Touch" Throughout the Entire Night

Updated 03/01/18
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You don't have to be an interior design enthusiast to know what an on-trend bedroom looks like. Even a casual social media user is familiar with the crisp white sheets and styled nightstands of the top-notch hideaways, and it seems like everyone aspires to sleep in a sanctuary that's just as tranquil. But what if all that's standing between you and the perfect bedroom is the right kind of pillow? 

It doesn't matter if your bedroom is a source of chaos or calm if you wake up in the middle of the night feeling too hot, and that's why Helix's pillow may be the secret to an optimal space. Business Insider's Mara Leighton recently gave the item a rave review thanks to an optional knit polyethylene fabric that makes the pillow surprisingly cool to the touch regardless of the amount of use.

"I have eight pillows in my bed, and none of them feel anything other than room temperature," she wrote. "The Helix Cool Pillow, in the same pile, would feel like it had been sitting on my drafty windowsill the whole day when I got home. And it continued to feel cold to the touch throughout the night."

Helix is a three-year-old mattress startup based in Manhattan, and it offers this revolutionary pillow with the same customizable features as its larger premiere products. Customers can remove layers in the pillow based on their preferred sleeping positions, and the sleek quality of the knit polyethylene can be concealed with a simple pillowcase. You can rest easy about the $110 price tag, too—all items are covered by a 100-night sleep trial. 

Shop the Helix pillow below, and head over to Business Insider for more information.

Helix Sleep Pillow $110

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