26 Gift Ideas That’ll Make Your Mom Love You Even More

Mother’s Day is basically here (in case you need a reminder, it’s this Sunday), and the pressure’s on to not just impress your mom with a gift she’ll love, but, more important, one that’ll show her how much you appreciate and support her. With the kids out of the house, mom can finally start focusing on her own tastes, needs, and preferences while putting herself first. Is she dreaming about traveling the world on a solo trip? Maybe she wants to get back into the workforce or start her own blog. Does she want to redo the home? After all these years spent raising you, it’s about time, right? We’ve found gifts for every mom’s pursuits, from the soon-to-be world traveler to the next big startup CEO. Shop our favorite finds and give your mom what she deserves—your undying support wrapped up in a pretty little bow.

After cooking spaghetti and baking cupcakes for the kiddos, it’s finally time for mom to cook for the most important person in the house: herself. If she’s starting to delve into the foodie world and explore her tastebuds, we’ve picked out some ideal accessories to help enhance her kitchen. Try subscribing her to a progressive food journal like Gather, or gift her a baguette cutting board so beautifully created it doubles as décor. Check out a few more fun ideas for moms who are creative in the kitchen below.

If your mom wants to redesign the family home, help fill it with beautiful—and useful—trinkets, like gorgeous agate bookends or a stunning glass watering device for her in-home atrium. She might also enjoy updating the bedroom with a fresh set of sheets or reading up on other timeless interiors from the coffee table book written by one of the best in game. Help her rediscover her décor tastes with these homey essentials below.

If your sense of wanderlust was inherited from your mother, you’ll inspire her to take on new travels with pretty yet practical essentials for the worldly woman. Update her old luggage tags with a personal touch, introduce her to organic products she can take with her on the go, or help her document future destinations instantly with a new-age polaroid that’s easy to use. Trust us, these gifts will inspire her to finally take that vacation she deserves.

When your mother’s got more gadgets than you do, it’s tough to come up with something new and exciting to add to her collection. We did some deep digging to find tech accessories she never knew she needed, from a futuristic bamboo charcoal air purifier to a portable speaker rated best in class for streaming. Let her geek out with some of the best techie finds below.

It’s time for mom to focus on rejuvenating herself. For a self-love session, help her spread the love with a heart-opening candle—which comes with energy-infused crystals and a guided meditation—from Modern Rituals NYC or sweat out impurities with a subscription to stream Tracy Anderson's body-embracing workouts. You’ll help her boost her self-care routine by inspiring her to glom onto some new holistic habits, which will make both of you feel the love. Shop some of the best finds for the self-loving mother below.

Encourage her pursuit of a second career by gifting sophisticated items that she’ll need. Re-entering the workforce could be intimidating, so boost her confidence with a gorgeous statement-making handbag or an elegant business card holder for interviews. Gift her like a pro, and shop these practical but cool finds for the career-minded mom below.

What are you buying for your mom this Mother's Day?