The 3-Ingredient Cocktail Recipes That Take Seconds to Make


Original illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

If there's one thing that kicks off an event, no matter how big or small, it's a well-made cocktail. But building a bar cart and gathering the necessary ingredients takes time and serious foresight, or at least, that's what we thought. According to Julien Lafond, Grey Goose North America brand ambassador, three ingredients is all it takes to whip up a delicious (and seriously impressive) drink.

"Three-ingredient cocktails are quick and easy to make but still require a certain amount of concentration," he tells MyDomaine. "I think of cocktail-making like I do French cuisine. The top French chefs will be the first to tell you that the heart of French cuisine relies on high-quality products and doing little to manipulate them. The same is true of cocktails." In other words, by keeping just a few high-quality spirits and liquors on hand, you can make a myriad of cocktail combinations with just a few ingredients that are already in your fridge.

Oh, and there's no need to stress if you don't own cocktail accessories. "It's super important to have a proper measuring device and a bar spoon on hand, [but] other tools, such as the shaker or mixing glass, can be improvised. You can essentially make a shaker from any sealable container, and you can use a large glass to stir a martini." Simple.

Expecting guests? Lafond shares the three-ingredient cocktails that will take your hosting game to the next level.

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