Tia Mowry Fixed Her Migraines and Eczema by Cutting Out This Popular Ingredient

If you know anyone with endometriosis, then you'll know the debilitating pain it can cause, especially during the menstrual cycle. TV star Tia Mowry is one of the 176 million women in the U.S. who suffer from the disease, but she wasn't about to sit idly by and let it ruin her life. After years of enduring migraines, eczema, and skin concerns, Mowry took her doctors advice and changed her diet to cure her symptoms. Desperate to see change, she ditched dairy, refined sugars, and processed foods to astounding results.

Not only did her migraines clear and her skin glow, but she also became pregnant with her adorable son, Cree—and she recently gave birth to a baby daughter, Cairo. Mowry details her phenomenal health transformation with enriching recipes to help others switch to a dairy-free, sugar-free diet in her new book, Whole New You.

To find out more, we quizzed her about the healing foods she always keeps on hand, her favorite sugar alternatives, and how she educates her son to make healthier choices. Be sure to scroll to the end for four exclusive endometriosis diet recipes from the book.