The Secrets Tia Mowry Wishes She Had Known Before Having Kids

Tia Mowry

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If you've been keeping up with Tia Mowry in recent years, you'd know that health and wellness are paramount in her life. She's been upfront about how changing her diet helped her ditch painful migraines, eczema, and other skin concerns, all of which were symptoms of her endometriosis (she even published a book about it titled Whole New You). Her health comes second only to that of her kids, who she's never been shy about discussing in terms of what motherhood means to her and the difficulties that can come along with trying to get pregnant. Despite the challenges, Mowry is now a mother of two—something she tapped into when filming her 2019 Netflix series Family Reunion. "I'm more of the new-age mom and that is basically what the show is about," she tells MyDomaine.

Mowry also launched a new program called Talking Peanut Allergy aimed at opening up a dialogue about peanut allergies, which her 9-year-old son, Cree, suffers from. Keep reading to learn how Mowry puts an emphasis on health and wellness with both of her children, how she deals with the stress of raising a child with a serious allergy, and the one thing she wishes she knew before having kids.

Here are just a few parenting tips we learned from Tia Mowry.

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Educate Yourself and Your Kids

It's clear that health and wellness are of the utmost importance to Mowry, but she believes it's equally as important to pass that knowledge on to her kids. "I truly believe that knowledge is power, and if I am about eating healthy and making healthy choices when making meals for myself, I am going to do that for my family too," she says. In particular, she's focused on educating her son, Cree. "It's really important for me to give him that power and knowledge about foods that have any sort of peanuts in them so he doesn't have any kind of accidental exposure," Mowry continues.

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Be Prepared

According to Mowry, everyone plays a role in keeping kids healthy, especially those who have serious allergies. That's why she's working so hard to educate others about how to protect kids from accidental exposure. "I am sharing my story for the first time with the hope that I can help parents of the 1.5 million children in the U.S. with peanut allergy to better advocate for themselves and their children," she explains.

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Utilize Resources

"Being a parent with a child living with a peanut allergy is serious and stressful," Mowry admits. She copes by utilizing all of the resources available to her to stay as educated and prepared as possible. That's one of the reasons she helped launch Talking Peanut Allergy—she's helping more families get the information they need to keep their kids healthy and safe.

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Make Food Fun

While Mowry spends a lot of time making sure her son avoids certain foods, she's also sure to make eating playful for both her kids when she does prep meals for them. "It's important that I make things that are fun for Cree to eat," she says. One of her favorite snacks to serve up is the classic ants on a log. She makes the snack with celery, raisins, a sunflower butter in place of traditional peanut butter. "We have tubs of it in our home," Mowry admits.

If your child doesn't have any other nut allergies, try subbing sunflower, almond, or cashew butter in place of peanut butter.

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Accept the Worry

Before having kids, Mowry couldn't have imagined the worry she feels now. "I wish someone would have told me that you worry 24/7," she shares. "There is not a time that you are not thinking or not worrying or just thinking about their happiness," the actress continues. "I sleep with one eye open and I wish someone would have told me about that."

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