Shop Vogue's Favorite Tie-Dye Selects

It's no secret that tie-dye has been a major trend as of late. But, the fact that Vogue has curated a list of their favorite groovy pieces only confirms it. Although there are many ways to DIY the look, including a great shibori napkin, Vogue shuns the idea. And they have a good point: why DIY when there are so many great products to buy? See a few of their favorites below, and shop the full collection at sofa

Hand-Dyed Shibori Sofa, $1998, Anthropologie napkinsSky Cocktail Napkin, $25, Oshibori img-02tiedyedecor_113004322042.jpg_gallery_max

Antique Dining Chair Upholstered in Flat Vernacular Fabric, $385, Chairloom

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