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The TikTok Home Trend I Just Can't Get Behind (and 4 I Love)

Cozy couch with knit blanket and guitar.

Kaya Boutique

It all started when I was browsing Facebook Marketplace and found a piece for sale that did not look right to me. Pegged as an artistic creation, the piece—a foam-covered table—looked like anything but. In fact, it reminded me of insulation material, which is not exactly something I’d want to gaze at every day. 

I was quickly alerted that actually, foam covered furniture is a major trend on TikTok right now. Search “foam mirror,” for example, and you’ll quickly be confronted with tutorials on how to DIY your own with, that’s right, some insulation foam. Whether you opt to leave it off-white or spray paint it a bright color is up to you. 

This trend is so popular that these pieces no longer seem to be uncommon in the secondhand world. An Instagram follower alerted me to a brown foam-colored lamp in a hue so unpleasant that I wanted to close out of the picture immediately. Though it’s obviously a look that many people like, I’ll just never personally move past the bulky, unfinished look. If you’re loving it, let me know—I'm all ears. 

As to keep things positive, I did want to highlight a few TikTok home trends that I am loving these days.

Woven Light Fixtures

Liz Lovery’s boho basket-turned-pendant light is pretty genius, if you ask me—and not to mention, it couldn’t be more affordable. Woven light fixtures that look like this one often cost a pretty penny, so being able to take matters into your own hands to create a similar look on the cheap is always worthwhile. 

DIY IKEA Dresser

Sourya Venumbaka magically made over a secondhand IKEA dresser that had seen far better days using burl wood-style contact paper. Her finished piece looks super high-end and chic—and we never would’ve guessed she had to work around a missing drawer. 

Board and Batten Entryway

Jessica Hickson’s board and batten entryway makeover blew us away. Board and batten can make such a dramatic difference in transforming a wall that needs a little extra love, and it’s a timeless look.

DIY Floor Mirror

Brass over everything—Lidia Salazar shows us how a little Rub ‘n Buff can go a long way in making an existing piece, such as a floor mirror, look brand new. There’s no need to toss a perfectly functional item when you can upgrade it to your liking with a little DIY.