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20 Stunning Bathrooms With The Most Beautiful Tile Work We've Ever Seen

bathroom tile design

Design: Dorothee Meilichzon, Photo: Karel Balas

Tile has been used in wet spaces since the days of Roman baths because they're durable, waterproof, and resistant to mold, making it perfect for a bathroom's high-humidity environment. And while tile can be seen as a strictly utilitarian addition to a bathroom (these days, they do more like protecting your walls from water damage and toothpaste smudges alike), that doesn't mean it can't also be beautiful. 

However, with tile designs spanning every shape, color, and material imaginable, it could be challenging to settle on a particular style. Whether you're going for something classic or modern, or you're working on a small powder room or large master bath, we have the inspo you need to navigate the dizzying world of tile. Ahead, 20 bathrooms with beautiful tiling to inspire your next redesign. 

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Give Subway Tile A New Look

bathroom tile design

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

We're huge fans of the subway-tile look lately (Well, who isn't?), but this bathroom displays the classic porcelain look in a way we never would've thought of. Installing them in a basketweave layout (mixing vertical and horizontal application), instead of straight-across looks fresh and new.

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Mix Marbles

Bathroom tile design

 Design: Julia Alexander, Photo: Chris Snook

It's no secret, marble is the material of the moment, but in case you didn't notice, it comes in more colors than just the popular white. If the budget allows, you can add a contrasting black marble to the floors for a design that will impress guests for decades to come. While expensive, this floor-to-ceiling install is a one-way ticket to the contemporary bathroom of your dreams.

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Don't Settle On A Single Style

bathroom tile design

Black Lacquer Design 

Remember how we told you there's an entire world of tile colors, sizes, and materials out there? Why settle on just one? While eclectic (with a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns), this bathroom works because it sticks within a very strict color palette. If you're looking to mix designs, staying within a color story will make the entire space feel cohesive and polished.

tile designs
Splash Tile Cascade Porcelain Penny Round Mosaic Tile $11.00
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Stick With The Classics

bathroom tile design

Design: Katie Hodges, Photo: Amy Bartlam

If you're lucky enough to live in a home with original tiling in pristine condition, do yourself a favor and keep it. But if you're looking to recreate the look in a newer space, take note of how this predominantly pink bathroom strikes a balance via black additions on the gallery frame and curtains.

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Try New Shapes

bathroom tile design

Raili Ca Design

The scalloped shape of these ceramic tiles, paired with the mint green hue, gives us all kinds of retro vibes. It feels sweet and a tad bit coastal, but with a 1950s feel. We especially love the detail that went into choosing complimentary details like rounded drawer pulls and scalloped sconces. 

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Go With An Unexpected Finish

bathroom tile design

Design: Mindy Gayer Design, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Most tiles come in a shiny finish, but this matte gray tile is making us reconsider the usual go-to look. The final installation looks modern and totally unexpected.

tile design
Tile Club Grey Matte Ceramic Subway Wall Tile $5.00
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Know Your Style

bathroom tile design

Design: Dorothee Meilichzon, Photo: Karel Balas

When it comes to the bathroom, choosing a tile will make all the difference between a timeless result and something on the trendier side. Before investing in a new tile install, be sure to decide what final look you're going for. While a subway tile might feel modern, an octagon or diamond-shaped tile will feel more classic and Art-Deco inspired.

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Play With Color Theory

bathroom tile design

Design: Studio DIY, Photo: Jeff Mindell

If you're going all out with a new tile install, why play it safe? Instead, take a risk with an adventurous color story. This bold bathroom works so well because it rips a page out of a color-theory book, pairing complementary colors green and red in a seemingly effortless way.

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Consider All White

bathroom tile design

Katherine Carter 

This bright white bathroom looks fresh, clean, and airy. The beauty of tile is it's stain-resistant, unlike materials like carpet, wallpaper, or paint could be. Take advantage of that and go with an all-white color palette without the fear of it getting dirty.

bathroom tile design
Tile Bar Belvedere Bianco Marble Look Porcelain Tile $6.00
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In With The Old, But Make It Feel New

bathroom tile design

Katherine Carter 

A classic color palette can also feel renewed and unexpected when you place penny tiles in a fun, new, inspired pattern. We especially love how the shower boasts its own patterns, but in similar shades that tie the entire space together.

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Mix Tile Shapes

bathroom tile design

Burchard Design Co 

Mixing tile shapes is one of the most accessible ways to infuse some uniqueness and personality into a bathroom, no matter the square footage. Here, hexagonal floor tiles mimic the angular shapes of the window while providing some contrast from the subway tiles on the walls.

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Use Floor Tiles In Lieu Of A Rug

bathroom tile design

Design: Katie Hodges Design, Photo: Amy Bartlam 

Our favorite part about decorating a space is adding an eye-catching rug, however, carpet is considered a faux pas in a bathroom. Instead, install a patterned tile on the entire floor to work as a focal point, without the risk of wet carpet.

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Try An Unexpected Hue

bathroom tile design

Leah O'Connell 

When's the last time you saw a green tile? The '70s perhaps. We're obsessed with the color of this forest green tile in this bathroom's shower. It feels contemporary but adds an earthy element to this zen space.

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Try Black Tile With White Grout

bathroom tile design

Design: Grey Hunt Interiors; Photo: Stacy Zarin Goldberg 

We've seen white tiles with black grout incorporated a lot but this is the first time we see it in reverse. The black tiles installed in a chevron pattern on the back shower wall with white grout on the walls feels so much more modern.

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Take On Some Texture

bathroom tile design

Design: Meg Lavalette; Photo: William Lavalette

Subway tiles are timeless, but if you're looking to try something a bit updated, this is the look for you. To give your bathroom a twist on this perennial trend, think about choosing white tiles with texture. Such a minor change can completely update the finish and entire look of your space.

Strait Ceramic Subway Tile
Ivy Hill Tile Strait Ceramic Subway Tile $29.00
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Consider The Composition

bathroom tile design

House Of Chais 

The order in which you install your tile is just as important as the actual tiles you choose. The way this bathroom incorporates a mix of pink shades on the bottom and white tiles on the top feels is the epitome of home decor goals.

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Install Subway Tile Vertically

bathroom tile design


For the most part, traditional subway run horizontally, but this bathroom opted for a vertical installation. Doing so not only adds an element of surprise, it also elongates the space and makes it appear taller.

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Think Inside The Box

bathroom tile design


Squared tiles once reigned supreme in bathroom designs, but it's a rare find in most homes these days. However, these mint-colored square tiles are giving us a high-end-spa-meets-locker-room vibe in the best way.

Patrimony Porcelain Field Tile
It's Italian Tile Patrimony Porcelain Field Tile $110.00
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Go With Black Grout

Bathroom Tile Design

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Tramp

When it comes to designing the bathroom of your dreams, even the tiniest details can make a major impact. Although most designs incorporate white grout, this bathroom utilized black grout in the installation of their trendy subway tile, and the end result adds to the overall color palette.

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Try A Tile Mural

bathroom tile design


Painting a mural inside of a shower sounds unrealistic, albeit gorgeous. Achieve the same wow factor of a floor-to-ceiling art piece, without the risk of it washing away. Choose tiles with a unique pattern and lay them out in an eye-catching way.