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Definitive Proof That Tiled Bathrooms Make a Striking Statement

Modern and geometric bathroom with diamond tiles

The Home Consultant

When it comes to designing a bathroom, you have a relatively standard range of decorative options at your disposal. Tile, paint, and fixtures are just a few design elements to consider, whether you're looking to completely overhaul a powder room or design your dream master bath from scratch. At first glance, these elements might appear more utilitarian than decorative, but sometimes a little inspiration goes a long way—and that's where we come in.

Although wallpaper may be having a moment in bathroom design, we're making the case that tile can make be just as striking. Ranging from a walk-in shower with diamond tile flooring so pretty you'll reconsider your clawfoot tub obsession to a stunning space with wall-to-wall marble brick tiles, these 50 tiled bathrooms will give you serious grout envy (it's a thing).

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Start With a Clean Slate

Bright white bathroom with subway and hexagon tiles

Katherine Carter

Nothing makes a room feel fresher than white on white. The combination of hexagon mosaic tiles and subway tiles makes a statement in this all-white bathroom. Honestly, if this were our master bath, we'd never get out of that clawfoot tub.

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Pick Your Pattern

Modern shower with dark green stacked tile walls and white penny tile floors

Tyler Karu Design + Interiors

There are an endless number of orientations and patterns to lay tiles in—brick, basketweave, herringbone, diamond, offset—the list goes on and on. Choose your pattern wisely, as it can reinforce the look you're after. In this sleek green shower, a stacked horizontal bond tile lends itself to a modern style with Mid-Century influences.

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Mix Motifs

Rustic modern bathroom with blue mosaic tiles

Rikki Snyder

This cozy space is proof that when it comes to pattern, embracing a the-more-the-merrier mentality can really pay off. Bright blue tiles in unique motifs catch your eye first, but look a little closer and you'll notice the white arabesque tiles that add extra dimension. This combination hints at global eclecticism in all the right ways.

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Do the Math

Geometric modern bathroom

Royal Roulotte

If sleek and linear is what you're after, embrace your inner mathematician and opt for sharp lines and geometric finishes. In this washroom, large hexagon tiles may exude retro vibes, but when paired with accents like a 3D-effect tile wall and modern angular sink, they look thoroughly contemporary.

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Seek Simplicity

Open, white bathroom with long marble tile in herringbone pattern

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Tile doesn't have to make a bold statement. If a serene retreat is more your speed, simple marble tile can add just the right touch of elegance. This peaceful bathroom embraces a minimal aesthetic, introducing subtle pattern through marble herringbone floors and a woven light fixture.

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Experiment With Color

Eclectic vintage bathroom with aqua and rust accents

Tyler Karu Design + Interiors

More and more, designers are combining colors in unexpected ways with stunning results, and we're here to tell you that you should too. Take this modern bath with a vintage spin—aqua blue tiles and a rust orange shower curtain look striking together, and when you throw in a rich wood vanity? Completely unexpected and completely brilliant.

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Add Texture

Modern traditional bathroom with a navy vanity and textured stone wall

JK Interior Living

Bring another dimension to your bathroom with textured tile like natural stone or handmade options. Not only will it look bespoke, but it will add a decidedly organic feel to the room. See how this modern traditional bathroom uses a textured stone wall as a rustic touch? Sophisticated but still approachable.

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Pair Up

Modern powder bathroom with blue and turquoise tiles

Design: Pure Salt Interiors; Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Find yourself stuck between two potential tiles? Try placing them side by side and see if you like the result. This happy powder room expertly pairs a bright solid and playful pattern, resulting in a space with personality and depth. Whimsical word art and a modern leather pendant are icing on the cake.

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Get in Line

Modern, sleek bathroom with vertical tile wall and chevron tile floor

Mary Patton Design

We can't get enough of the clean lines in this modern bathroom where slate herringbone tiles meet vertically stacked rectangular tiles. Despite the classic black-and-white color palette, the varying tile patterns and shades of gray keep this bathroom feeling fresh. A round wood mirror adds just the right warmth and breaks up all those straight lines.

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Take the Subway

White bathroom with subway tiles and gold accents

Margaret Wright

This black-and-white bathroom showcases subway tile at its finest. The classic brick pattern feels modernized thanks to a pretty printed shower curtain and gold fixtures. Not to mention the contrasting black tile flooring for a crisp finish. Swoon.

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Create Contrast

Dark green bathroom with 3D effect tile floor

LeClair Decor

If there's one hard-and-fast interior design tip we can give you, it's to always look for ways to create contrast. This retro-inspired powder room nailed it: Warm wood contrasts deep green paneling, which contrasts black-and-white tile. Do we even need to point out the way brass and matte black hardware pop? Simply divine.

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Find Inspiration

Rustic modern bathroom with penny tile mosaic floors

Katherine Carter

While we don't recommend going overboard with a theme, drawing inspiration from one is a different story. We don't know about you, but this dreamy bathroom boasting a Moroccan-inspired design has us swooning. Everything from the intricately patterned tile and rich woods to the oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and arched shower alcove was designed with intention.

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Embrace Tradition

Vintage style bathroom with colorful graphic tiles

Katie Hackworth

You know the old adage: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Some traditional bathroom elements have stuck around for a reason—clawfoot tubs, vintage rugs, and marble are a few that come to mind. And just when we thought clawfoot tubs couldn't get any more elegant, we come across a space that proves colorful mosaic tile flooring can take them to the next level.

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Warm Up

Bright, open bathroom with stone walls and wood tile floors

LeClair Decor

Wood floors are beautiful and timeless, but they're not exactly a practical choice for bathrooms. Get the warm look of wood and the durability of tile with a wood-look tile. This luxurious retreat pairs it with marble-clad walls and black accents for a sleek, modern look that exudes warmth and comfort.

For an extra dose of warmth, install radiant heating under your tiles. You'll never have to dread freezing cold floors after a hot shower.

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Create a Focal Point

Modern white and navy bathroom with geometric tribal tile

Dan Rak Design

Some tile is just made to be the center of attention. If you gravitate towards tile with big personality, don't fight it—tone down other elements to minimize competition. The designer of this modern bathroom opted for simple fixtures and furnishings to let the geometric cement tile flooring be the focal point. It's so pretty we wouldn't be able to bear laying down a bath mat, either.

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Make It Monochromatic

All black tiled bathroom with white tub and wood stool

Laura Brophy Interiors

Sometimes the simplest approach makes the biggest impact. Case in point: this chic and sleek bathroom outfitted in all black. Taking the same tile from floor to ceiling creates a moody monochromatic backdrop that lets the few fixtures really sing—a minimalist's bathroom dreams are made of this.

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Set Your Own Pattern

Black and white modern bathroom with alternating subway tile

K Shan Design

Black or white subway tiles are undoubtedly a classic choice, but when paired together to create a new bold pattern, they can be decidedly modern, as demonstrated by this black-and-white bathroom. We're loving the drama of the wide stripes and double shower curtain.

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Square Off

Simple and clean modern bathroom with a mix of tiles and black accents

Cathie Hong Interiors

Square subway tiles are another take on the popular classic and perhaps lean more modern, thanks to being perfectly equilateral. Pair these squares with literally any other tile or material—there is no wrong answer. Here, they work beautifully with small hexagons and artsy blue and white tiles for a fun and fresh shower setup.

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Take It to the Top

Modern bathroom with tiled floor and walls

Ashley Montgomery Design

We know it's hard to resist shouting from the rooftops when you've found "the one"—the perfect tile, that is. Display your tile proudly all the way from the floor to the wall like in this stunning bathroom. A glass shower stall keeps the gorgeous tile on display while a white patterned tile wall adds dimension without distracting from the main event.

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Wrap It Around

Modern, sleek bathroom in shades of cream

Amy Bartlam

Ditch the decoration and make a statement with solid tile in a wraparound wet room. Take cues from this ultra-modern space transformed with simple beige tiles and neutral materials. Matte black hardware pops off the creamy walls for a high-contrast, high-style finish.

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Fade Out

Modern shower with gradient black and white tiles

Maita Granda

This mesmerizing shower stall requires a double-take to see the tiny tile squares in three different colors creating a gradient effect. With a little patience and a whole lot of planning, you can turn your shower stall into a work of art, too. Sure it might make dragging yourself out of the shower that much more difficult, but is that really a bad thing?

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Dial Back

Vintage inspired black and white powder room

Tyler Karu Design + Interiors

Sometimes making a statement means dialing it back. In this retro-inspired bathroom, the designer stopped penny tiles halfway up the wall instead of taking them all the way to the ceiling. Thanks to this, the light and minimally dressed top half of the room balances with the beautifully busy bottom half.

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Set the Stage in Beige

Bright airy bathroom with neutral tile and gold fixtures

Cathie Hong Interiors

Is there anything more sophisticated than layering neutrals? We don't think so, and this zen bathroom sporting shades of beige is all the proof we need. Large hex floor tiles set the stage, rectangular basketweave wall tiles add visual interest, and brassy accents finish off the tone-on-tone look.

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Walk Right In

Modern and geometric bathroom with diamond tiles

The Home Consultant

Who knew a walk-in shower could look so luxurious? Complete with diamond mosaic tile flooring paired with sophisticated stacked beige wall tiles, this space has us very seriously considering this unique open bathroom layout.

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Hang Some Wallpaper

Feminine bathroom with floral wallpaper and penny tile floor

Desiree Burns Interiors

As much as we love tile, there will still always be a place for wallpaper in our hearts. Pair them together and you've got one powerful tour de force—the proof's in this chic and dainty powder room. Penny tile is the perfect complement to a large-scale floral print, and gold accents put this room over the top, no additional accessories required.

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Shape Up

Modern bathroom with fishscale and subway tiles

Reena Sotropa

Maybe you're not the traditional type, and if that's the case, think outside the box—literally. Tile comes in all different shapes and sizes, which means you can be as unique and expressive as you want. We love a good fish scale tile, like in this swanky space. It's just different enough to make a statement.

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Make It Pop

Modern bathroom with long wood vanity and 3D effect tiles

Amy Bartlam

Geometric and 3D-look tile has really come into its own in the last decade, finding a place in rooms of just about every style. Triangular 3D tile is right at home alongside a marble and wood vanity in this fresh bathroom that toes the line between traditional and modern.

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Install a Backsplash

Fresh, modern bathroom with white pennytile backsplash

Design: Pure Salt Interiors; Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Backsplashes aren't just for the kitchen anymore, and they're great for making a little tile go a long way. The short-and-sweet penny tile backsplash in this modern farmhouse bathroom adds texture and depth, plus makes it easy to clean up the sink area. That cute and practical wood ledge on top is another bonus!

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Ditch the Color

Tiled tub and shower area with open window

Amy Bartlam

Who says you have to decorate with color? Certainly not us. A black-and-white bathroom can be just as chic as any flashy space. And although it goes without saying that black-and-white tile is timeless, the bold geometric tile featured here is undeniable proof.

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Thin It Out

Modern sleek tiled bathroom with wood stool and soaking tub

Rebecca Rollins Interiors

As another modern take on the subway tile, long and thin rectangular tiles have exploded in popularity in recent years. See it in action on the walls of this peaceful sanctuary—the taupe-y greige tiles stand out against white on white for a neutral layered oasis.

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Make the Flip

Minimal and modern shower with subway tiles and teak stool

Reena Sotropa

If you think subway tiles are a safe (or dare we say, boring) choice, this bathroom might just make you reconsider your position. Organized in a geometric basketweave pattern, the tiling in this master bath has us taking style notes from top to bottom.

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Mix and Match

Graphic tiles in a large shower area

Maite Granda

Toss out the rulebook and stitch together your own patchwork of tiles in all different patterns like this luxurious wet room. Stick to a shared color palette to keep the look polished, or don't, if that suits you better. The sky's the limit.

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Designate a Feature Wall

Modern bathroom vanity with geometric tiled accent wall

Reena Sotropa

We have all the heart eyes for the feature wall in this edgy bath. Striped marble and gold tiles, sleek light fixtures, and a massive round mirror join forces, and all we can say is, "wow."

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Go Back to Basics

Updated traditional bathroom with clawfoot tub and pedestal sink

Ashley Montgomery Design

Standards like pedestal sinks, clawfoot tubs, and uniform black-and-white tile are classic for a reason—they're reliable and always in style. Don't feel pressured into selecting more modern finishes if that's just not your style. Embrace what feels the most "you" and run with it.

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Paint a Mural

Modern bathroom with green, white, and black tile wall

Laura Brophy Interiors

Okay, okay, we're not actually suggesting you paint your own tile (unless that's your thing, in which case, go right ahead!). Rather, treat your bathroom walls like a blank canvas and your tile as artwork—this stylish and playful bathroom certainly does. We could get lost in that hypnotic tile wall.

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Work With What You've Got

Updated rental bathroom with teal stick on tiles

Black & Blooms

For many of us, the realities of renting are less than ideal. But even if a full-scale renovation is off the table, there are more than a few ways to work with what you have. Stick-on vinyl tile decals took this plain Jane bathroom from dull to sensational for a fraction of the cost of renovating.

Need a few more ideas for sprucing up a bland rental bathroom? Swap out hardware, replace fixtures, lay down a fluffy rug, hang art, and throw in a few plants for good measure.

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Put on the Glitz

Traditional black and white bathroom with chevron marble tile floor

Dan Rak Design

The best thing about marble? It's so very versatile. Whether you pair it with minimalistic decor or glitz and glam, the results are always stunning. Take notes from this chic, glamorous bathroom. Between the twinkling chandelier, ethereal sheers, and perfect perch for a chilled glass of wine, we'd never leave the tub.

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Make Your Point

Light, bright bathroom with light gray chevron tile floor and wall

JK Interior Living

If you're convinced chevron is a thing of the past, allow us to reintroduce you. This gray haven of a bathroom offers a fresh take on the pattern with its striped stone tiles that set the backdrop for a massive soaking tub. We're feeling more relaxed already.

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Include the Kids

Modern girls bathroom with pink accents

Katie Hackworth

Tile isn't just for grown-up spaces! Opt for a colorful tile to complete any kid-centric bathroom. This little ladies' room pairs a gorgeous blush and marble vanity with playful geometric tiles for a tone-on-tone look. A vintage Persian rug is the perfect finishing touch as a soft surface for little feet.

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Look to the Stars

Modern bathroom with starburst tile floors

Cathie Hong Interiors

If you're a fan of astrology, channel that celestial inspiration into your interiors taking cues from the night sky. We can't stop gazing at the starburst tile in this modern-meets-retro bathroom. It's just the right pop of contrast in this otherwise light and airy space.

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Sub in Navy

Blue, white, and yellow bathroom vanity with subway tile wall

Mary Patton Design

Swap out black with navy for a twist on the black-and-white color scheme with a hint more personality. If you have any doubts, let this bathroom assuage your decorating fears. Brick subway tile is the perfect backdrop to a navy, white, and cream vanity.

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Skew Off-Center

Modern vanity with bright blue tile stripe

Design: Pure Salt Interiors; Photo: Vanessa Lentine

One look at this modern vanity setup and we're convinced that symmetry is overrated. Don't be afraid to play with off-centering your tile accents, like the left-skewed blue stripe here. It adds depth, personality, and whimsy in one fell swoop.

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Take to the Walls

Modern bathroom with geometric tile walls

Amy Bartlam

We love wallpaper, but why not just cover the walls in tile? It's durable, easy to clean, and as this modern loo proves, makes just as striking a statement if not more so. We love the geometric pattern play here dressed up with pretty gold accents.

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Have Fun

Bright, artsy bathroom with orange geometric tiles

White Sands

Don't be afraid to have a little fun with your tile. We love that this whimsical bathroom doesn't take itself too seriously. Colorful graphic tile steals the spotlight while a high-back sink, clawfoot tub, and distressed door subtly enhance the artsy feel.

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Channel Vintage Vibes

Mid-Century Modern styled bathroom

Royal Roulotte

The bathroom is a great place to put your love of all things retro on display. Everything from fixtures to finishes can change the vibe of a room. This Mid-Century Modern-inspired bath uses geometric tile, a mod wood vanity-turned-dresser, and chrome fixtures to get the message across. All it's missing is a couple of starburst mirrors.

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Introduce Drama

Moody powder room with dark green tile accent wall and wood vanity

Design: Pure Salt Interiors; Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Tile is also a great way to pump up the drama in your bathroom. Consider dark colors, large-scale patterns, and contrasting grout for maximum impact. We're drooling over this emerald feature wall; everything from the glossy finish to the orientation of the tile enhances the moody vibe.

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Don't Forget to Smile

Bright white bathroom with graphic tile floor

Amy Bartlam

Find a pattern that makes you happy and you can't really go wrong. This sunny bathroom with flower power is proof that a graphic motif tile flooring can make just as stylish a statement as wallpaper.

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Embrace the Dark Side

All black bathroom with graphic tile floor

Maita Granda

Talk about drama! This black-on-black powder room is what moody dreams are made of. Don't be afraid to go dark (like, really dark), even in a small space, as it can create the illusion of depth and camouflage the size. Opt for similarly dark-hued tiles or add some contrast like the white and gray tiles do here.

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Fall Back to Marble

Ultra modern and sleek shower area with stacked marble tiles

The Home Consultant

It's true—you can never go wrong with a marble bathroom. Case in point: This stunning shower stall featuring blue-gray marble brick tiles. The clean lines of stacked tile, sleek glass, and matte black fixtures combine for an ultra-modern take on a classic.

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Take It Outside

Outdoor bathroom with natural stone tile

Maite Granda

Thanks to its durability and longevity, tile is a great option for outdoor bathrooms that may see more heavy-duty use. The natural stone tile in this outdoor loo will hold up to traffic, dirty feet, and abuse, making it an ideal choice.