7 Time-Management Hacks to Master NOW

Do you tend to have an idle mind at work? Are you distracted easily... and often? You’re not alone. According to a Driven by Distractions survey, 95% of employees are distracted during the workday. Well, these diversions are seriously wasting time and hurting your productivity in the process. Working harder or longer doesn’t mean you’re getting more done, either. It is possible to achieve more in less time; you just have to know how to manage the hours you work. One thing to remember is you will always have “one more thing” to do, but the key is prioritizing and not wasting time on menial tasks. We know it can be hard to stay focused—especially on Fridays—but with our simple time-management hacks, you can sharpen your approach, boost your confidence, and tackle those big workloads with a calm, can-do attitude. Scroll down to read our simple tricks to manage your time.