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11 Timeless Décor Items You Should Invest In, According to Designers

invest in items

Katie Hackworth

Not sure what types of pieces to prioritize as you continue decorating your space? We turned to designers who shared 11 timeless décor items that will never go out of style—from small accents to larger case goods. Read on for their top picks.

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An Antique Chest

antique chest

Ashley Montgomery Design

"This can be used in so many different rooms of a home, no matter where you live. Put one in the bedroom to hold clothes, in the entryway for odds and ends, or in the family room as a TV stand. It would look pretty with a lamp on top or just with some simple art and books stacked." —Lindsay Atapattu, LEB Interiors

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A Dining Table

dining table

Michelle Berwick Design

"Dining tables hold many memories of family and friends sharing chats and good times. It’s good to be able to pass it down the line. If you pick wisely, even the wear and tear that comes over time add to its beauty." —Lucy Gleeson, Lucy Gleeson Interiors

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Stylish (and Functional) Accents

stylish accents

Mary Patton Design

"When investing in home décor, I tend to ask myself one question: "Will this be of use to me when it’s not being displayed?” A coffee table book collection, a cashmere throw, or a set of crystal glasses, for example, are all items that provide both style and functionality." —Kate DeWitt, Kate DeWitt Design

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Pieces With Meaning

pieces with meaning

Erin Williamson Design

"A home is only timeless if its occupants continue to feel connected to it. For me, that means including something like a Biedermeier piece, which plays nicely in many contexts, from modern to Gustavian designs. I’d also focus on timeless forms. For example, a Bentwood chair might have different finishes or upholstery selections, but the shape is classic. The same goes for mid-century modern pieces like a womb chair or a Platner. They’re iconic, almost like the 'cool kids' that add automatic chicness and relevance to any room. I have my grandmother’s Knoll pieces that used to live in her super modern house, but they work just as well in my 1926 pre-war home." —Zoe Feldman, Zoe Feldman Design

A home is only timeless if its occupants continue to feel connected to it

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Pewter Objects


Michelle Gage

"As much as I love my unlacquered brass, pewter décor pieces—such as a frame or trophy—certainly give off a sophisticated and timeless look. Dust off those old trophies (or source some on Etsy) and place them on a shelf. Not only do they look fab forever, but they tell a great story." —Kelly Walsh, Novel Abode

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Nude Artwork

nude art

Heather Bien

"The human form is beautiful to contemplate. These pieces are sensual and provocative as well as innocent. I've acquired several over the years and display them prominently in my home. They have been celebrated and revered since antiquity and especially during the Renaissance. Remarkably talented artists such as Michelangelo carved and painted such beautiful human forms that are admired in museums all over the world still today." —Antoinette Allande Anderson, Antoinette Allande Interiors

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Custom Window Treatments


Kate Marker Interiors

"When you can, always invest in custom window treatments. It's worth finding a local expert and having special window treatments that are tailored specifically to your space. Whether it's a roman shade or drapery, having the proper lining for the function of the room, as well as a fabulous fabric and proper measurements really make a room come to life!" —Liz Goldberg, CAROLYNLEONA

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Decorative Books


Katie Hackworth

“When I look around my own home, I love seeing books. I have them everywhere: on my coffee table, media unit, foyer table. There’s something about them that tells a story about the people who live in the home, and they add soul. I purchase every interior design book that comes out, so for me, it’s not really a décor item, as I read through them for inspiration again and again. Just remember to take the sometimes colorful jackets off to reveal a more muted and stylish cover." —Vanessa Francis, Vanessa Francis Interior Design

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An Area Rug

area rug

JK Interior Living

"An area rug is the foundation for a room's design. In many cases, I select the rug first and then build the room from there. I love a good vintage Moroccan rug and find them to be versatile with a variety of styles. If you're on a budget, investing in a smaller vintage rug and layering it on top of a larger sisal rug is always a timeless look." —Elyse Petrella, Elyse Petrella Interiors

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original art

Elizabeth Jones for Stevie Interiors

"In my opinion, art is the most timeless décor piece I advise my clients to invest in. It’s so personal, and truly is 'in the eye of the beholder.' I teach my clients the importance of buying art that speaks to them, not necessarily what’s trending. Art speaks to our personalities and literally gives character to differentiate a space, giving each space it occupies a true soul. Over the years, it can be easily transferred and stand the test of time by being re-framed to keep up with your ever-evolving styles or move from space to space." —Jade McNeil, Jade McNeil Interiors

"A home doesn't need to be filled with all originals, but the right piece can bring so much character and personality to a space, and for that reason, I always encourage our clients to invest in at least one piece of original artwork. Not only is this an opportunity to support a local small business or artist, but it also can result in a fun treasure hunt to find something that really speaks to you." —Meghan Basinger, Stevie Interiors

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Professional Framing

framed art

JLA Designs

"Getting your art professionally framed is worth the investment. When done by a pro, your art is better protected from its environment and stands the test of time. Custom frames are also a unique way to add personality to a space and highlight the art you love." —Djalna McSween, Djalna McSween Interiors