Tinder Has a New Feature, and It's Now Even Easier to Find Your Perfect Match

Updated 05/24/18
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Let’s be honest, swiping right is the easiest part of any Tinder romance. But once the first date is set in place, it becomes time to get down to business and figure out whether your match has serious long-term potential or is simply a dud. Arguably, one factor that helps shape a lasting relationship is having similar interests, and even similar social circles, a concept that Tinder understands well. Being at the forefront of everything that has to do with e-love, Tinder now allows users to opt-in to feature matches based on locations, making it that much easier to find common ground.

Literally. So, if there’s a local wine bar that you frequent with a host of eligible bachelors, this could be the perfect ice-breaker for chats over your favourite pinot noir. 


If the whole thing sounds like it could be an invasion of privacy, fear not. The app waits approximately 30 minutes till after you leave your destination before it reveals you've been there, and it's only social places like restaurants and bars. For bonus points, you can always delete a place that you want to keep hidden. And again, it’s an opt-in feature, so of course you can continue using it like you traditionally would. Live today, this new development is under testing only for Sydney and Brisbane users currently, but with reported positive results from previous beta users, we have a feeling it might be here to stay.

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