Design Lovers Agree: These 13 Tiny Houses for Rent on Airbnb Are Seriously Cool

Desert Airbnb—tiny house for rent airbnb

As liberating as travel can be, it also routinely comes with a catch: It's expensive. It takes quite a bit of cash to appease the thrills of wanderlust, and that often makes the difference between checking a place off a bucket list or sticking around somewhere familiar. That's why renting a tiny home on Airbnb can be worth it. Not only can these contained living spaces fit most of the necessary amenities into its square footage, but they can also accommodate small budgets when every dollar counts. 

But if you're thinking that tiny homes are more concerned with covering utilities than making room for luxuries, then think again. We found 13 tiny homes on Airbnb that are far from slumming it—in fact, some feature full kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. And aside from other perks, like a ping pong table and a hot tub, these Airbnbs can also be found throughout the world, too. See where you can go, whether it's New Zealand and Australia or Mexico and Tuscany, and then consider making travel plans. Now that you know travel won't necessarily break the bank, it'll be easier to plan a getaway. 

Airbnb—tiny house for rent airbnb

Set in the English countryside on a private meadow, this shipping container Airbnb maximizes space as to not take up too much of the beautiful natural surroundings. A king bed and sofa bed have outdoor views, and a full kitchen comes with copper accents and a Nespresso machine. There's also a private patio looking over the 10-acre meadow, too. 

Puerto Escondido—tiny house for rent airbnb

This tiny house also embraces its natural surroundings, only this time from a private beach in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. A clean concrete frame and oversized wooden shutters are all that categorize this modern escape but considering that the shutters are blissfully open to the outdoors, there isn't much of a need for more. A private pool and a cozy hammock are also nearby. 

Australian Shipping Container—tiny house for rent airbnb

Located in South Australia near a national park and wineries, this minimalist tiny home styles a shipping container with floor-to-ceiling plywood and neutral accents. Like the aforementioned Airbnbs this gives the open space beyond the few doors a chance to shine through. A full bathroom, kitchen, and living room make it all feel larger as well. 

Charleston—tiny house for rent airbnb

Meant to honor the tree it sits under with its many cedar accents, this tiny house in Charleston has a full kitchen, an outdoor space, and a separate bedroom that's perfect for a weekend away. The stay also includes two bicycles, a hammock, and a cooler to make the most of the outdoors. 

Glass House—tiny house for rent airbnb

Plan ahead if you want to visit this popular tiny house retreat in the Hudson Valley, since it was featured in The New York Times and on The Today Show. Dubbed "the glass house" thanks to its walls of windows that open to scenes of rolling vineyards, this Airbnb also features a queen-sized bed, a stainless steel kitchen, and WiFi—just in case you want to share photos of the views with others. 

Atlanta—tiny house for rent airbnb

Set within walking distance to public transportation and enclosed in a completely private yard, this high-end tiny home in Atlanta has everything you would need to relax in style. The modern farmhouse aesthetic brings in plenty of natural light, sleeps four, and is steps from a ping pong table and fire pit. 

Waco—tiny house for rent airbnb

Consider this tiny home approved by Joanna Gaines, since it was recently featured in the pages of Magnolia Journal. It's easy to see why: The tiny home's rustic wood exterior and custom tile shower come with a rooftop deck and a queen-sized bed. Plus, since it's set in Waco, you wouldn't be far from Magnolia Market. 

Deck—tiny house for rent airbnb

It would be impossible to replicate this view of Shannon Falls from a typical hotel room, and that's why this tiny house near Vancouver, British Columbia is so appealing. Its private deck overlooks the water, and the rental comes with paddle boards and canoes. 

Wellington—tiny house for rent airbnb

Explore Wellington, New Zealand from this architecturally designed tiny home, which has room for four people to spread out and enjoy a bathtub, hot tub, and outdoor grill. Views of the city also extend beyond the private open space. 

Desert Cabin—tiny house for rent airbnb


Another architect, Malek Alqadi, designed this unconventional cabin in the Southern California desert, and it has enough room to sleep six. A full kitchen and bathroom coincide with a living area and dining space, and two bedrooms share access to a backyard with a hammock. There's WiFi and television if you need more than stargazing, too. 

New Zealand—tiny house for rent airbnb

Located in a rural part of New Zealand and intended for a pair's quiet escape, this tiny house is perfect for those who like to spend time outdoors. It's close to walking and cycling trails, as well as ski areas and golf courses, and features a queen bed, WiFi, and air conditioning when it's time to take it easy. 

Tuscany—tiny house for rent airbnb

Get acquainted with Tuscany from the comforts of this tiny house, which has a full kitchen and bathroom alongside a private bedroom with a queen bed. Sip wine from a seat on the outdoor patio, and cook like an Italian when it's time for dinner—the host can supply ingredients. 

North California—tiny house for rent airbnb

But if you’re itching to explore the rolling vineyards of Central California, then this rustic tiny home should be on your radar, too. Set in Paso Robles and big enough to sleep three, this Airbnb has a full kitchen and bathroom, as well as an outdoor patio.

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