These Bedroom Decorating Mistakes Are Actually Disrupting Your Sleep

Raise your hand if you've been feeling tired and sluggish lately. In the very last days of winter when our vitamin D levels are at an all-time low, it's only normal to be feeling worn out. Therefore, it's no surprise that #WorldSleepDay comes just a few days before the start of spring. In the spirit of getting our energy back and feeling refreshed, we turned to a few sleep experts to share their best tips for decorating a bedroom that actually promotes a good night's sleep.

So while you're busy spring-cleaning in the next few weeks, pay special attention to your sleep sanctuary—and how you could alter it to benefit a better snooze. Could you repaint your walls a more soothing color? Is it time to refresh your pillows? Could your reading lamp be keeping you awake at night? Ahead, professionals who made sleep their business answer these questions (and more).

What do you keep in your bedroom to promote a better night's sleep? Let us know in the comments.