21 Decluttering Tips That Actually Work, Says a Professional Organizer

We all strive to be better. If you're setting goals to improve your relationships, career, and overall wellness, it should start with an organized space where you can be the best version of yourself—more efficient, more organized, and healthier. After all, how can you constructively improve when your closet is overflowing, your entryway console is stacked with mail, your kitchen sink is filled with dishes, and your pantry is packed with expired items? How can you have a good night's sleep when your bedroom is piled with clutter? 

Just like a clear inbox can make you feel more efficient, a well-organized home can boost your productivity levels. To help you start on the right foot, we tapped professional organizer Shira Gill to give us decluttering tips to organize every room in the house. Best of all, you can tackle it all in one weekend—no need to wait for spring-cleaning. Don't wait any longer to tackle your clutter—start with a clean slate with these decluttering tips.

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This story was originally published on January 2nd, 2017. It has since been updated.