6 Simple Tips for Scoring a Great Deal on Your Next Flight

Most things in life take practice. The more you do something, the better you become at it. This applies to everything, including air travel. Take Lawrence Sherman, for example. Sherman is an inspirational speaker who travels more than 300,000 miles per year. He recently shared his secrets on how to score a deal on flights with Money. Wondering how you can be a better traveler? Here are Sherman’s tips.

  1. Become a rewards member. It pays to be loyal, and even if you’re not a jet-setter, frequent-flier miles add up. Choose the airline that has the most nonstop direct flights from where you live (or to a hub close to you).
  2. Check travel and airline websites. This is something I learned while being a personal assistant. Search fare-aggregator websites (like Kayak and Travelocity) for the best deals; then visit the airline websites to see if you can find anything cheaper.
  3. Understand the different fare classes. Sometimes paying an extra $20 will give you more flexibility to make changes on your flight. If you think you’re going to have to make a last-minute change, it’s worth it to pay this nominal fee rather than having to buy an entirely new ticket.
  4. Be flexible with travel dates. If you can travel in the middle of the week, you’ll find the most affordable airfare. Tuesday nights are generally the cheapest time for traveling.
  5. Take a connecter. Sometimes an extra flight means lower costs. Be willing to travel a little longer to save cash.
  6. Go where the insiders go for help. Sherman uses FlyerTalk.com and SeatGuru.com as a reference when trying to decide between airlines he’s not familiar with.

Get more of Sherman’s insider tips by reading the full story on Money.

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How do you find a deal on airfare?