These Are the Keys to Surviving Work-Related Stress

With the everyday pressures and competitive market of the modern workplace, it's almost standard to experience chronic stress when it comes to your career. In fact, a joint Harvard and Stanford study from 2015 compared work-related stress to the harms of secondhand smoke exposure. In other words, it's taking a serious toll on your health. Though we can't change the culture overnight, we're turning to helpful hacks like these published in a recent article on Business Insider to help us manage. We're sharing a few of our favorite strategies to keep you healthy and stress-free below.

  • Know and respect your boundaries. When you step out of your workspace for the day, shut yourself off from everything work-related, and use your commute to decompress. It's helpful to ease out of work mode with exercise or other distractions like watching a TV show or cooking dinner. By not allowing your brain to revisit work from the moment you walk out the door, you'll form a healthy habit of letting your mind rest and reset.
  • Work it out. One of the best ways to relieve stress of any kind is to sweat it out with daily exercise. Not only does your workout serve as a great way to take your mind off of work, it's also been proven that fit people are better equipped to handle stress and anxiety. Don't use time as an excuse; it only takes 10 to 15 minutes of movement to shake off stress and reset your mind.
  • Disconnect. By shutting down your devices and making a habit of not checking email or tending to work-related matters after you've clocked out for the day, it's much easier to set necessary boundaries and stick to them. If you're making yourself available at all times, you'll create unhealthy expectations from your employer. 
  • Schedule future fun. You'll process and respond to stress more appropriately knowing that you can leave it at the door. This can be accomplished by making plans that you'll be able to look forward to during a hectic day. It doesn't have to be a big-time vacation (though that can do the trick) but can be as small as scheduling a movie night, heading to a sporting event, or meeting up with an old friend for dinner. Knowing that you have personal plans to anticipate will help turn stress into excitement instead.

These tricks will help you manage and relieve yourself of chronic stress related to your career. Did we mention a little retail therapy can help as well? Treat yourself to something special like these fun earrings from Jennifer Meyer.