Family Vacations 101: 4 Game-Changing Tips for Traveling With Relatives

Find Out Everyone's Vacation Goals

When traveling in any group, it's impossible for everyone to be 100% satisfied all the time. Still, healthy compromise can still result in enjoyable experiences for all. Learn everyone's vacation goals, and create the itinerary accordingly, seeking a healthy balance that ensures that each individual gets a mix of what they want. Are there particular sites they're dying to see? Are they more interested in trying the local cuisine than seeing every museum? Are they just hoping to unplug from work and relax? If the family desires to do everything together, make sure to switch things up between activities and carve out some time for relaxation. If the family is okay with splitting up, you can coordinate the plan so that one group can take on a museum while another gets to explore a market nearby.

Pack Light

It's always a good idea to avoid overpacking for any trip, but especially when you're traveling in a large group. The more luggage you have, the more difficult it will be for you to secure appropriate transportation from the airport to the hotel, get around if you're on foot, or find a place to store your luggage. You may even want to consider reducing the collective number of checked bags by sharing one for items you can't bring in a carry-on.

Book Family-Friendly Lodgings

For large families that would require multiple rooms, it can often be better to book an entire place through a site like Airbnb. Not only will it help cut costs, but it can be a nice way to spend more time with family in common areas or even save by cooking a meal or two in lieu of dining out.

Come Up With a Payment Plan

Because so multiple people are involved, it can get tricky to determine who should pay for what and when. Decide on a payment plan before embarking on your trip so everyone's on the same page when it comes time to take care of the bill.

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