4 Easy Money Tips to Get Through the Holidays Without Going Broke

When it comes to your finances, do you take a head-on or head-in-the-sand approach? If you identify with the latter, the good news is you're not alone. The bad news? You're not alone. Data suggests that when it comes to managing money, women are not as independent as you'd expect. In fact, 91% of women in heterosexual couples are not participating in financial decisions. But we want to change that statistic. To help you become a master of your own finances, we're debuting a new series called The Paper Files, where we uncover tricks and tips that will help you manage your money and your future. Ready to take it head-on?


If you're anxious about overspending this holiday season, you're certainly not alone. Nearly three-quarters of Americans say they fail to budget properly for the holidays. In fact, those who went into debt last season accrued an average of $1054 in new debt. Indeed the season of spending is upon us, but you don't necessarily need to clear your calendar or edit down your gift list for the sake of saving money over the holidays.

However, given that the National Retail Federation predicts the average American will spend about $1007 this year, we decided to turn to an expert for financial guidance to help get us through the season. Thankfully Keri Danielski, a consumer finance expert for Mint and Turbo, has a few simple money management strategies that make it possible to keep your spending under control and enjoy the festivities through January 1. Intrigued? Keep scrolling to heed her tried-and-true financial advice.