3 Easy Ways to Trick Yourself Into Loving Your Job

Many people would say that they’re thankful for their jobs and the fact that they have a steady source of income. Whether or not they actually express that gratitude on a day-to-day basis is another story. But considering the fact that we spend almost half of our lives working, it would behoove us all to try to enjoy our 9-to-5s as much as possible. Thanks to Business Insider, we can all reap the benefits of these three psychological tricks proven to turn any perceived negative into a positive.

In a new video featuring performance psychologist Jonathan Fader, author of the book Life as Sport: What Top Athletes Can Teach You About How to Win in Life, Fader shares his three mental secrets to happiness on the job: Think about what you can control, practice enjoyment as a skill, and have an attitude of gratitude.

Part one requires a focus on both your thoughts and your actions instead of the outcome. Thinking about what can go wrong at work, for example, shifts your focus to something you have no control over. Instead, think, What can I do well in this moment to deal with this challenge? The second tip, practicing enjoyment as a life skill, requires a slight change in the way you define enjoyment. Rather than viewing it as the result of accomplishing something work-related, try thinking of it as a skill you want to sharpen.

Perhaps the most important mental trick is the third: having an attitude of gratitude. “People that are grateful, that find that gratitude and appreciation for some aspect of their life, do well whether they’re in a slump or doing great,” says Fader. This advice goes for more than just jobs; training yourself to see the good in everything will get you far in life—both in the office and out.

What mental trick would you add to Fader’s list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.