3 Easy Money Tips to Get Through Summer Without Going Broke

What is it about summer that makes our spending go into overdrive? It's as if the sunshine imbues us with a dizzying sense of optimism that all the cocktails, dinner parties, and weekends away take place in a parallel universe—until the check arrives. A Maven survey confirms this hunch. According to their 2017 data, millennials spent an average of $1300 on socializing and attended 37 events, a steep increase compared to fall and winter.

And62% of respondents said they're more spontaneous and adventurous in summer, despite the impact it has on their bank account. You don't need to sacrifice your social schedule to save money in summer, though. Alexa von Tobel, founder and CEO of LearnVest, says that by following a few spending tips, it's possible to manage your finances and still enjoy the warmer months. Here are three small, actionable money tips she recommends to make the most of your summer, without a stifling bill at the end.

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