The Best Things You Can Make in Your Toaster Oven

The toaster oven is a kitchen appliance that rarely gets much praise. However, if you have one and use it frequently to make open-faced tuna melts or fragrant roasted walnuts, chances are you love it. It’s much smaller than a traditional oven and is the ideal tool for many quick culinary tasks. Not only can a toaster oven be used to reheat items like pancakes and pastries, but it’s also good for broiling, flash baking, and making smaller-sized meals. The smart toaster ovens have plenty of bells and whistles that make it easy to use and hard to burn something. If your toaster oven is sitting lonely and unused on the counter, it’s high time you gave it some love. Here are nine dishes that are delicious when made in the toaster oven.

Do you have a toaster oven? What do you use it for?