Tom Dixon's Magical Mystery Tour

6521c0ed-1918-492f-b023-0763182876c6 No one will ever forget that February day in 1964 when four mop-top boys landed at JFK and caused a national sensation. Tom Dixon, the designer of all things UK-cool, is about to cause a similar sensation - at least in the design world - with his North American tour. Ok, maybe a Beatles comparison is a bit of a stretch, but our excitement knows no bounds!  From the 25th of February, Dixon will be holding a series of multidisciplinary talks on design and signing his new book Dixonary. The designer is already well known by some, even the Kardashians and their designer Jeff Andrews hung his Etch Pendants in their famous Dash boutique, but Dixon will be introducing new products on his tour (some pictured here). So clear your calendars, brush up on your London slang, and find your way to one of the following cities: 25th Feb | Mexico City | Museo Tamayo de Arte Moderno 25th Feb | Mexico City | Studio Roca | Event Details 27th Feb | Los Angeles | Twentieth | Event Details 28th Feb | San Francisco | Arkitektura | Event Details  1st Mar | Seattle | Inform Seattle | Event Details 3rd Mar | Vancouver | Inform Vancouver | Event Details a9433270-d8bb-474e-bd77-90a3e49b51f5 0897605f-1eda-40d0-b2c4-c96b37e1124a a4fdd7d9-d21e-4ab9-a554-c122862cf255 0c5a2eb8-988a-4816-8d44-4278b98e6e86 For more information check Tom Dixon's blog.