5 Things to Talk About Today

  • Could Tom Hardy be the next James Bond? Daniel Craig's final 007 film, Spectre, isn't due for release until October 26, but already bookies are favoriting Hardy to succeed him. The British actor is said to be gaining on front-runners Idris Elba and Damian Lewis, who are both 3/1 for the role. — NME
  • Amid the refugee crisis in Europe, Sir Bob Geldof has said he will take in four migrant families. The famous aid campaigner and singer will open the doors to his family home in Kent and his luxury flat in Battersea, London, in response to the scenes on borders, beaches, and railway stations. The two homes combined are worth an estimated £4million (about $6 million). — The Daily Mail
  • Well-known big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton has designed a new-age battery-operated board for golfers. Golf courses in Hawaii are already getting on board because the skateboard style of the GolfBoard is attracting younger people to the sport. Users can literally "surf the earth" between shots. — Travel Weekly
  • Children are using new secret apps to hide photos, videos, and texts from their parents. Due to the huge infux of popularity for the new Calculator% app, Alabama county district attorney Pamela Casey posted a video to Facebook to warn parents. It already has 1.4 million views. — Fox 8
  • You can start drinking your favorite pumpkin spice latte today. Starbucks announced a special code on its dedicated Twitter account. The official release is September 8, but to order it now, you need to create a #PSLFanPass. Type "pumpkin" into the PSL Tumblr fanpass page, and Starbucks will text you a pass to flash your barista when you order. — Refinery29