Top 10: Fruit Bowls


dh-top10-fruit-bowls-market-01 1. INVISIBLE TOUCH Featuring a sleek, satin nickel design reminiscent of a flower in bloom, this Starburst Fruit Bowl maximizes negative space, allowing your Sunkists to shine. $22, Target
dh-top10-fruit-bowls-market-02 2. FORMAL ATTIRE Put your organic farmers' market bounty on the pedestal it deserves; this French Kitchen Marble Fruit Bowl satiates the current lust for the classical material. $50, Crate & Barrel
dh-top10-fruit-bowls-market-09 3. BACK TO THE LAND An organic anti-bowl, the 3D Relief Fluid Earth Pinstripe Bowl is not only a texturally interesting place to stash your produce, but can be customized to pay topographical homage to your favorite geographical destination. $324, Fluid Forms
dh-top10-fruit-bowls-market-10 4. REPEAT ENGAGEMENT Introduced 50 years ago by civil engineer and materials researcher Herbert Krenchel, the luminous Krenit Bowl has been updated by Danish design stalwart Normann Copenhagen in an array of gemological hues. $109, Horne
dh-top10-fruit-bowls-market-03 5. SUPER FINE Pastel-tinted glass with pearlescent beading is an Iittala hallmark, and these Kastehelmi Glass Bowls, created by Finnish glass master Oiva Toikka, are the ultimate example--like jewelry for your tabletop. $19, All Modern
dh-top10-fruit-bowls-market-04 6. NOTHING BUT NET Noted Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana are behind Alessi's Peneira Basket Collection; each piece combines stainless steel mesh and natural fibers for a sophisticated vessel that doubles as a strainer. $195, Alessi
dh-top10-fruit-bowls-market-05 7. NICE WEAVE With a process modeled on the ancient art of Iranian felting, Melina and Dodd Raissnia's Point Reyes, CA.-based Peace Industry hand-makes graphic, eco-friendly, fair-trade wool bowls. $260, Peace Industry
dh-top10-fruit-bowls-market-NEW 8. SCULPTURAL LANDSCAPE It's fitting that this powder-coated objet d'art comes from MoMA: Its steel double-wall design is so mesmerizingly dimensional it can hold its own in a room, even when it's not holding anything at all. $38, MoMA
dh-top10-fruit-bowls-market-07 9. THE BRONZE AGE We're massive fans of Joshua Tree, CA.-based artist Alma Allen; his weighty Bronze-Footed Bowl encapsulates everything we love about his raw yet polished--and always elemental--aesthetic. $325, Commune
dh-top10-fruit-bowls-market-08 10. THE STICK OF IT There is something very Three Little Pigs about this handcrafted Fair Trade Bowl from Vietnam. Should you try to huff and puff it down, its sturdy palm wood construction will ensure the structure remains intact. $244, Future Perfect