Top 10: Tea Kettles

dh-top-10-tea-kettles-market-01 Legendary Italian kitchenware company Alessi is known for transforming ordinary objects into high design. They have done just that with this high-caliber mirror-polished tea kettle. Alessi Tea Kettle With Whistle, $325, Bloomingdales
dh-top-10-tea-kettles-market-02 If a touch of Japanese Minimalism (and maybe some green tea) is what your stovetop is lacking, this white enamel kettle designed by Mokoto Koizumi is the solution. Enamel Kettle, $140, Alder + Co.
dh-top-10-tea-kettles-market-06 There is only one way to get a classic pop of color on your range, and that's with the carbon steel Demi Kettle from Le Creuset--available in whichever porcelain enamel hue your heart desires. Demi Kettle, $60, Le Creuset
dh-top-10-tea-kettles-market-10 With a curvilinear form, stainless steel body, and acacia wood handle, this Bulbo Kettle is sure to make an organic modernist out of any chef (or water boiler at least). Nambè Bulbo Kettle, $125, All Modern
dh-top-10-tea-kettles-market-07 If lounging all day with hot tea like a royal is your fancy, look no further. This cast iron kettle keeps liquids warm long after it's left the stovetop. Staub Round Teakettle, $120, Williams-Sonoma
dh-top-10-tea-kettles-market-09 If the gooseneck spout on this vintage style kettle doesn't warm your heart, than the price tag sure will. Take your pick of red, black, or white (the color we're crushin'). Porcelain Enamel Teakettle, $35, Amazon
dh-top-10-tea-kettles-market-08 As if plucked from the set of Gattaca, this futuristic steel kettle has a streamlined design and an energy efficient thermal base. WMF Teakettle, $95, WMF
dh-top-10-tea-kettles-market-05 Plastic handles are so five minutes ago, this Uplift Tea Kettle from Oxo incorporates a cork handle for a fresh spin on a classic design. Uplift Teakettle, $80, OXO
dh-top-10-tea-kettles-market-04 Sorry for those loyal to electric, this mirror chrome finish kettle is gas stove exclusive. Its heat-retaining base reduces boiling time 25%, so you'll be sipping in a jiffy. Simplex Chrome Teakettle for Gas Appliances, $200, Sur la Table
dh-top-10-tea-kettles-market-03 Hammered copper, a wooden handle, and a traditional German style will lend an old world vibe to your kitchen decor. Old Dutch Copper Hammered Teakettle, $52, Sears