9 Gift Ideas to Celebrate Adoption

Adoption gifts

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Adoption is a beautiful and wonderful thing to celebrate, but when it comes to gift giving, you may not know where to start. You don't want to go to generic, and you want to get something that will be meaningful and heartfelt. Don't worry—there are plenty of unique ideas perfect for this exact occasion. From books and magazines to a beautiful necklace, there are many adoption gift ideas for those in your life who are a part of the adoption or foster care triad. You'll also find that many adoption gift shops send a portion of their proceeds to benefit orphans around the world, making your contribution even more meaningful. From adoptive parents, to birth parents, to adoptees, these adoption gift ideas are sure to be a hit.

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adoption jewelry
Many Hearts One Beat Tri-Heart Adoption Necklace $54 $47

Adoption-themed jewelry makes for a wonderful keepsake gift. You'll find beautiful products that can be customized for any adoption story or for adoption in general. 

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Many Hearts One Beat White Angel Butterfly Ornament $9

Adoption ornaments make great adoption gifts. Some are generic and work for any adoption, while others can be personalized for your adoption story. A few of these items give back to the adoption community with proceeds from the sale going back to different adoption organizations.

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t shirt
Adoption Gifts Adopt T-Shirt $25

Whether you're looking for a cute tee or a cozy sweater, many people love to wear their thoughts on their clothing. Even if you aren't an adoptive parent or child yourself, you can wear a t-shirt to encourage others to learn more about it and to show your support.

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Cookie Cutters

cookie cutter
Ann Clark Cookie Cutters Air Travel and Flying Cookie Cutter Set $8

You can opt for a cookie cutter shaped like the child's country of origin, or choose an airplane cookie cutter, or even a flag. Hand-tooled tin cookie cutters shaped like country maps will make fun and unique adoption gifts for families who have adopted internationally.

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Chinese Wooden Mooncake and Cookie Molds


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Chinese wooden molds can be used with any recipe that doesn't rise a lot—try a recipe for traditional mooncakes. When not being used for baking, they can be displayed as wall art. This is a fun and unique adoption gift for a family that has​ adopted from China.

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Many Hearts One Beat

adoption blanket
Many Hearts One Beat Baby Bunny Snuggle Blanket $25

ManyHeartsOneBeat.com is the creation of single, adoptive mother Lisa Jacuzzo. A variety of cute, unique adoption gifts are offered, including jewelry, blankets, prints, and ornaments.

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Adoption-Themed Books for Children or Adults

adoption book
Todd Parr We Belong Together $15

Choose from a variety of adoption books. Books for children or adults about foster care or adoption make great gifts for those working with or living as part of the adoption/foster care triad.

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Handmade Gifts


 Shestock/Getty Images

Handmade gifts are truly gifts from the heart. So if you are wishing to create something unique for a loved one, consider handprint crafts for kids or something equally as special.

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adoptive families magazine
Adoptive Families Magazine Subscription $20

Magazines make a resourceful gift. There are a​ variety of magazines for adoptive parents, foster parents, and other members of the triad. Cultural magazines would be a great idea for international or interracial families.

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