9 Classic Fabric Patterns You Should Know

Perfect for injecting color, personality, and life into a space, patterns are always in style but with so many out there, it can get overwhelming. We've narrowed down the field to these must-know designs you need to be familiar with. _1
1 These sprawling nature-inspired prints are characterized by scrolling vines, flowers, leaves, and birds. The patterns are typically very large in scale and are great for draperies. "Fox Hollow - Ivory" (#Sch 5004104), $99 per roll, Decorator's Best
2 These are geometric, interlaced patterns with sharp angles. Similar to the repeated nature of latticework but the design can be more complex, like a Greek key. "Fretwork Gold" (#GPJ BF10049-830), $200 per yard, Decorator's Best
3 This is technically a term for the resist dyeing technique used to produce the painterly patterns seen on these fabrics. Similar to a tie dye, but ikat threads are dyed first, then constructed into cloth yielding the meandering look which is insanely popular right now. "Large Ikat", $30 per yard, Furbish Studio
4 A reversible fabric commonly woven in silks and wools and printed on linens and cottons. The repeating medallion-like designs are often done in a single color with the ground (base cloth) in a flat finish and the design in a sateen. Modern print versions are interpreted in more high-contrast color combos. "Dior Flocked Damask", $13 per yard, Fabric.com
5 A mod look, Ogees feature curved lines and repeated, stacked onion forms. We're seeing them in bright, bold hues and unexpected color combinations. "Flicker Ogee", $27 per yard, Calico Corners
6 This repeated V-shaped pattern is hugely popular these days not only as a printed and woven motif on textiles, but also seen on rugs, flooring, and tile work. "Zig Zag Baby Pink" , $8 per yard, Fabric.com
7 These intricate patterns show complex scenes typically of a pastoral nature. Modern toiles sometimes feature updated imagery which is cheekily hidden. Since the country scenes are so recognized, your eye might just scan right over them--look close, it might not be what you think! "Waverly Home Decor Rustic Toile", $11, Joann
8 Much thinner and more subdued than a normal stripe, these patterns add a faint, menswear detail to upholstery and pillows. "Langham Stripe" (#LFY65330F), $173 per yard, Decorator's Best
9 Patterns based off of the tribal textiles of Central Asia, Suzani's feature colorful, circular shapes intertwined with vines, flowers, leaves, and fruits. "Venezia Suzani", $50 per yard, Calico
What are your favorite prints we may have missed? Let us know in the comments and check out our Patterns Board on Pinterest for more repeated inspiration. Photography: Oberto Gili, Andrew Arthur, Andrew ArthurAndrew ArthurGrey CrawfordMetamorphosis Studios, Donna Griffith, Justin CoitJustin Coit