The Best Gifts You Can Get For $200 or Less This Year

Gifts Under $200


There’s something really special about a splurge. Sure, you’re always elated when you find a gift that’s absolutely perfect for your loved one. But when you spend upwards of $100 on a present, you haven’t merely fulfilled your duty as a gift-giver—you’ve surpassed it. You’ve gone above and beyond in showering your loved one with luxury. You’ve gotten them something truly specific. Something they needed. Something they’ll rely on for decades to come. You’ve blessed them with an absolute treat. Gifts are lovely at any price point. But $200 gifts? Those are magical. 

The beauty of the splurge is that it doesn’t have to be excessively expensive to leave your loved one astonished. Gifts so often fall within the $20-$50 price range that anything even slightly above that feels like a treat. Not to mention, if you’re willing to spend up to $200, you can score something seriously worthwhile for your loved one. Ceramic dinnerware, sophisticated glassware, and sleek flatware abound at the under-$200 price point. Statement rugs, reading chairs, and full-on desks do, too.

Gifts so often fall within the $20-$50 price range that anything even slightly above that feels like a treat.

With $200 (or less), you can restock your loved one’s kitchen, upgrade some of their home essentials, or snag them a statement piece or two. You can rest assured knowing you’re buying them something genuinely nice and genuinely useful—an investment piece they’ll turn to year after year. And you can delight in knowing you’ve bought them something that was so incredibly nice they were reluctant to spend their own money on it.

wine rack
Anthropologie Denali Wine Rack $98

Most of us have makeshift home bars—often in the form of a haphazardly assembled bar cart, or a few bottles lazily tossed in a corner. Upgrade your loved one’s situation by gifting them this stunning wine rack. It’s robust enough to house a small wine collection and versatile enough to fit their design aesthetic for years to come.

West Elm Framed Arrows Indoor/Outdoor Rug $199+

Statement rugs are generally rare in the holiday gift space—likely because most are too expensive to fathom buying as a present. But at $200 for a runner, you can gift your loved one this stunning rug fit for breakfast nooks, reading alcoves, and other small corners in need of décor.

Bloomscape Monstera Plant $150

Plants make for excellent gifts. But since they can get so expensive, most gifted plants are of the smaller, budget-friendlier variety. When you’re operating at a $200 price point, however, you can score a massive Monstera plant—and you won’t even have to blow your whole budget. 

chef knife
Williams Sonoma Shun Premier 8" Western Chef $170

The amateur cook in your life will no-doubt appreciate this handcrafted chef’s knife, which is one of the finest blades around. In addition to making food prep a whole lot easier, this artisan knife is sure to stun every time your loved one lays eyes on it too. (And this is definitely something they’ll use for the next several decades.)

waffle towel
West Elm Organic Waffle Towels $19+

Luxury bath linens are a great gift—and one many of us have yet to invest in. Do your loved one a serious favor by restocking their bath linen collection with luxury towels in a shade that fits their personal aesthetic. (At West Elm, each of these hand towels sells for $19, and each bath towel sells for $29. Use your $200 price point to your advantage and stock up on a full set.)

blue plates
Anthropologie Old Havana Dinner Plates, Set of 4 $72

No home is complete without a set of genuinely nice dinnerware, but many 20-somethings are still using the plates they bought for college. Why? Nice dinnerware is beautiful, but it’s also expensive—too expensive to prioritize when other, more pressing expenses loom overhead. Save your loved one the deliberating and buy them a batch of matching plates and bowls in varied sizes.

espresso maker
De'Longhi Stainless Steel Pump Espresso Maker $200

Your most coffee-obsessed loved one will undoubtedly appreciate the opportunity to bring a piece of their favorite coffee shop home with them. This luxe espresso machine will crank out americanos, cappuccinos, and lattes day after day. And it’s sure to render your loved one’s morning coffee a little more indulgent.

rattan chair
World Market Espresso Handwoven Rattan Slope Arm Kenji Rattan Chair $160

There's not a lot of furniture worth buying at the under-$200 price point, but reading chairs can be the exception to this rule. Find a standalone statement chair that would look excellent in a corner of your loved one’s home.

bar set
Jonathan Adler Barbell Barware Set $198

Everything Jonathan Adler creates is absolute home décor magic, and this barware set is no exception. Though most Jonathan Adler wares are too pricey to give as presents (yes, even when your budget hits $200), this delightful set offers aesthetic appeal, usefulness, and affordability in equal measure. 

weighted blanket
Casper Weighted Blanket $179+

Everyone’s favorite new bedroom must-have, the weighted blanket, would make an excellent gift, no matter the price point. But because these coveted pieces tend to run buyers $200+, they’re the perfect present for those who are willing to spend more than $100 on a holiday gift.

kitchen tool set
OXO Good Grips 10-Piece Everyday Kitchen Tool Set $60

In our seemingly endless quest to stock our kitchens, many of us neglect to buy some of the more underrated basics, like spatulas, graters, tongs, and vegetable peelers. This OXO Good Grips set covers 10 necessities, so you can guarantee your loved one’s bases are covered. (If you really want to go all out, you can level up to the 15-piece set, instead.)

Urban Outfitters Kirby Desk $149

For less than $200, you can literally buy your loved one a full-on desk this holiday season. This sleek option is spacious without feeling clunky, and its versatile aesthetic ensures it will play well with all your loved one’s existing home décor.

mini candles
Diptyque Paris Set of 5 Mini Candles $78

Each Diptyque candle offers a dose of fragrant luxury in a glass jar. But what if you want to do more than simply buy your loved one a single candle? This Diptyque gift set includes five miniature candles, each of which boasts a different scent, making it perfect for the loved one who adores so many fragrances they can’t pick a favorite.

gold rimmed glasses
Anthropologie Gilded Rim Glassware $28+

Make each sip your loved one takes a little prettier by gifting them matching luxury glassware in an array of shapes and sizes. (Each glass in this set will run you $28.)

core sheet set
Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set $149+

Few moments in life are more tactilely magical than slipping into a bed covered in super-soft sheets. And yet, many of us aren’t willing to splurge on these delights for ourselves. Treat your loved one to the ultimate luxury of an excellent night’s sleep by buying them some really lovely linens.

cast iron skillet
Amazon Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 5-Piece Kitchen Cookware Set, Pots and Pans $80

When most people buy cookware for the first time, they don’t invest in anything fancy. And then they continue using those budget-friendly pieces for years to come. Elevate your loved one’s kitchen selection by gifting them this set of cast iron cookware. It’s high-quality, easy to use, and sure to last them a long, long time.

Anthropologie Rediscovered Flatware $36

Everyone needs flatware. But most of us rely on a hodge-podge of pieces we’ve amassed over the years, rather than investing in one elegant set. Take advantage of your vast budget and stock up on silverware on behalf of your loved one. Spend your entire budget buying six sets of these lovely pieces, and your loved one will be prepared to host six-person dinner parties the moment they open their gift.

bar cart
Urban Outfitters Lita Kitchen Cart $199

In the year 2019, no home is complete without a bar cart. This wooden option is versatile enough to fit into any aesthetic with ease. Plus, your loved one can use it to house books, drinks, trinkets—anything they need a place for, really.

table lamp
Anthropologie Eloise Table Lamp $148

If buying your loved one a full-on piece of furniture feels like too much, perhaps scoring them a stunning piece of statement décor will feel more appropriate. This eye-catching lamp fits the bill without breaking your budget. And it’s sure to earn your loved one a ton of compliments.

gold bakeware
Williams Sonoma Goldtouch Nonstick 6-Piece Essentials Bakeware Set $100

Bakeware is one of those things you never realize you need until you’ve already whipped up a bowl of cake batter and discovered you have nowhere to put it. Save your loved one the hassle by gifting them this genuinely pretty bakeware set, which comes complete with all the basics.

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