It's Official: These Are the 100 Best Gifts Under $200


Viviana Duron

Depending on your personality, the lead-up to the holidays can be one of two things: a time to carefully plan and curate gifts to suit every person in your life or a mad last-minute rush to find an item that ships fast.

While we'd like to think we fall into the former category, the reality of the holiday season often means that last-minute gift shopping is inevitable. After all, when you factor in work deadlines, holiday cooking, end-of-year parties, and other festivities, a few gifts are bound to get left late.

To prevent the week-before rush, we asked MyDomaine's team of editors to share their top present picks for friends, family, and colleagues—and the items we're coveting for ourselves. We've come across countless great gadgets, gorgeous décor, and smart accessories in 2017, and these are the best under $200. We'll see you at checkout.

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