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The 5 Home Products I Recommend to My Friends Over and Over Again

Styled vintage mantle and dresser.

Lauren Zillinger for Laura Metzler Photography

Gather round: I’m here to share with you five of my favorite home items of all time, which I have absolutely zero regrets about purchasing and always find myself admiring, even all these months later.

As someone who changes their décor frequently, I find my style evolving over time, but these pieces are so timeless and versatile, I know I’ll be able to continue making them work in my space in the years to come. Oh, and they’re all under $500, with one find coming in at under $50.

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Loloi II Layla Rug

Bedroom with vintage rug.

Lauren Zillinger for Laura Metzler Photography

I actually purchased this rug via Facebook Marketplace, but it’s easily accessible online, too. In fact, it’s sold on a wide variety of websites, so definitely do a price comparison before placing your order. I love its deep, moody hues and how well it blends with any style of décor—transitional, boho, you name it.

It’s extremely easy to vacuum, hasn’t shown any signs of wear, and, if you choose to purchase it in a smaller size, also looks beautiful layered over a jute rug. I frequently spot this piece on Instagram, and it never seems to disappoint. If you’ve been lusting over it, consider this a sign to place that order.

Layla Rug
Loloi II Layla Rug $79.00
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Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror

I wavered back and forth on the famed Anthropologie Primrose Mirror for ages. I was always wondering things like: is it really worth the price, and will it ever go on sale? Do I really want to purchase something that I’m always spotting in other people’s homes when I generally veer toward more unique pieces? Will any of the lookalikes on the market suffice instead?

Well, reader, I bought the mirror—at a discount, fortunately—last summer and haven’t looked back. It makes such a glamorous statement above my faux fireplace mantel, and even the smallest three-foot size adds so much effortless elegance to a space. This was a case of knowing that if I didn’t just save up and prioritize this piece, I’d always be longing for it and would never fully appreciate any of the dupes I spotted. The good news is that this mirror is so versatile and will always have a place in my home, be it above a fireplace, over a dresser, or even above a vanity.

Gleaming Primrose Mirror
Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror $500.00
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CB2 Niche Burl Wood Console Table

A few years ago, I discovered the magic that is burl wood, and I haven’t looked back. So, when CB2 released this adorable burl console, I was lusting over it from the beginning. However, I could never really justify the purchase when I had an entry table that was just fine, cost a fraction of the price, and was always garnering compliments on Insta—so clearly, nothing was wrong with it. I even once purchased the piece on backorder and then later cancelled my order out of guilt.

But, everything changed when a friend of mine was shopping at the Crate and Barrel Outlet and spotted a pristine version of the piece on sale for a fraction of retail price. That outlet is magical, I swear. I’ve never sent a Venmo payment faster, and in just a few hours, the burl beauty arrived at my doorstep.

It’s an excellent size for a petite apartment entryway, the burl wood is just stunning, and again, I know it will have a purpose in future spaces down the line given its classic shape and small footprint.

Niche Burl Wood Coffee Table
CB2 Niche Burl Wood Console Table $400.00
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Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee Faux Wood Table Lamp

Wooded lamp on marble table.

Lauren Zillinger for Laura Metzler Photography

This lamp is truly the best $40 I’ve ever spent—I loved the first one I ordered so much that I purchased another for the desk in my bedroom.

I immediately fell for the neutral hue, perfect round shape, and amazing texture. This piece looks way more expensive than it is, and if you search for similar pieces online, you’ll see that most lookalikes are significantly more costly. I’m not alone in my obsession—the lamp has gotten dozens of rave reviews, and I’m always noticing it on Instagram.

While this piece appears to be out of stock on Target’s website at the moment, fear not—Studio McGee items frequently reappear online, and it’s possible you’ll spot a few of these still on store shelves, too.

Faux Wood Table Lamp
Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee Faux Wood Table Lamp $40.00
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West Elm Tripod Dining Table

This table is a must-have for any small space dweller. I have used it as a mini desk, outside on my screen porch, and now in my dining area. I am a huge proponent of bistro tables, as we all need someplace to sit and eat, but many of us live in apartments majorly lacking square footage and don’t actually host dinner parties as often as our entertaining fantasies may like us to believe.

After having kept a larger table in my dining nook for quite some time, I realized that it was making the room feel too cramped, and that I never was truly sitting down eating with three other people all at once anyway. In came the tripod table from outside on the porch, and I haven’t looked back. It’s such a nice little work station during the day, too.

Tripod Dining Table - Walnut
West Elm Tripod Dining Table $259.00